Should There Be K-9 Units in Schools?


Logan loza, Staff

K-9 units are the police department’s frontline when searching for drugs and are loyal and smart when it comes to apprehending criminals. These dogs are very keen on what they are trained to do.  

But should we insert these dogs into our BCPS schools and why? The answer lies in what they could help us do and if schools are comfortable allowing them around students. 

Student are the focus of schools, and feeling safe in school should be a must. Police officers are deployed in most schools in case an incident occurs and are usually armed with lethal and non-lethal defensive measures. But what would students think if we introduced a k-9 unit in the building?  

According to senior Alex Ruark “a K-9 unit would be beneficial for being socially friendly towards usually everyone and can easily track down and take down threats towards the students and staff of the school system.” 

Other students believe that the units could be useful. 

“They could probably keep school grounds more drug free,” senior Ian Sterling said. Both students believe that K-9 unit can be useful in a school environment. 

Other students are uncomfortable with the idea of K-9s. 

 According to senior Brian Burns he believes that it would make some people feel as if the school system “doesn’t really trust us and Is out to get us,” as if we are all suspect.  

Even if the point to make is for the dogs to be here for our safety and not to hurt us, some students are skeptical about drug dogs as both a benefit and disadvantage.  

They are a good and bad idea since it would decrease drug issues, and the dogs are great at their job since they are trained that way,” according to senior Lai Michaels. 

Michaels also says they can be a distraction as students could be distracted by the dog just being in their presence. And another risk is allergies to dogs could irritate students and staff. 

According to officer Michael Bennet of the Anne Arundel police department, “We usually don’t allow dogs in the schools for one of many reasons, and that is that allergens can affect students and staff.”  

So, there it is, the simplest reason we can’t have dogs in schools is allergies would get out of control, and the dog can be a distraction and relying on a dog won’t help cancel out the drug and violence problems in schools.