Preseason Lax Fitness Prep

Logan Loza, Staff

During the off season, an athlete needs to stay ready for the next season by training to stay in shape, get stronger, slim down, or get better at the sport. But what should a lacrosse player do in order to get ready for spring lacrosse? 

Many things can affect how they play whether its speed, smarts, footwork, stick skills, and/or strength, etc. 

Hydrating/ Eating clean 

Eating healthy and staying hydrated are a must do for any sport. They allow your body to function properly without cramping and feeling off while playing. According to doctors, your body needs water to work, and if you are dehydrated while playing sports your heart can’t work as well, and you can’t focus. So, drinking around half your body weight in ounces can keep you staying hydrated as well as drinking water during and after exercising. 

Wall ball/ Position practice 

Wall ball is a very popular and affective stick work exercise almost all lacrosse players do to improve stick skills. Practicing for your designated position is must do for the sport of lacrosse and becoming the best player you can be. 

According to Keith Shultz, or coach K.R (the coach othe varsity lacrosse team), honing your skills and improving on your weaker parts can make you a better player as well as prepare you for the next season.  

Drills for your position will better you. For defense side shuffles, jump ropes, shuttles, and short sprints will help with your reaction time. For midfielders/attackmen, run a timed 2 miles in under 13 minutes, work with both defense and offense, and fast breaks for both defense and offense.  

Wallball is the best drill for the whole team and all positions,” Mr. Shultz explained. 

He says that 30 minutes 3 times a week with both hands is a great routineyou should do 100 reps with your dominant hand, 200 with your nondominant, and different catches like around the back or throw right catch left.  


Speed/ Fitness 

Fitness is a necessity for any sport you play, but fastpaced and physical sports such as lacrosse require you to be prepared physically no matter what position you play. According to Kevin  Hollabauch (professional athletic trainer)he pushes passion and energy back into athletes every workout which is key for getting back into the grind of a sport. 

Hollabauch says that footwork is a great way to condition yourself and make yourself faster, so he listed a few drills to try. 


1.) Four corner drill-sprint to each corner marked by cones at full sprinting speed 3 to 4 times. 

2.) Quick foot ladder- use different movement patterns for each set and step into each ladder hole and accurately as possible. 


1.) Suicides- sprint 5 yards and back, then 10 yards and back, then 15 yards and back and so on for 50 yards or more. 

2.) Timed miles- run 4 times around a track in a certain timed limit as fast as you can or to your own pace. 

3.) 6×30 yard tag relay- player sprints to the 60-yard line and tag a partner then they sprint 40 yards to the next person. 

So, this preseason is the time for you to prepare for the lax season aheadtake the initiative and get ready by conditioning, working on stick stills, and working on your position that you play to increase your fitness and smart for the sport.