Best Pizza Place in the ‘Ville


Logan Loza, Staff

Hungry or stressed from working at school all day, students like to head out after school or on the weekends to kick back and relax. Hanging out with friends and grabbing a bite to eat is always something to do, but sometimes you don’t know where.  

Where can you get something to eat or hangout if you can’t find a place? Pizza is always a good option, its cheap and delicious, and Catonsville has some great pizza places to visit. 

Scittino’s Italian marketplace is a great place for pizza and other Italian goods, and they are known for their large and tasty pizzas. Along with a carry-out service, they also have a market where individuals can purchase Italian specialties and prepared foods. 

Peace a Pizza is a legendary restaurant in Catonsville with its strange yet delicious selection of pizza, and 60s hippy theme with a great ice cream/sweets store. 

Chef Paolinos is a great option for family or large group dining. They have a great selection of pizza salad and other Italian cuisine. 

 According to senior Harry Hite he claims that Scittinos is the best pizza place in town because it has a great atmosphere. 

“You can just walk down there with friends and get ice cream and pizza,” Hite explained. 

 He is referring to the area on Edmondson avenue that has the amazing Opies ice-cream and snowball stand, 7-Eleven, Tasty Zone, and, of course, Scittinos. 

Peace a Pizza is, according to junior Tyler Thompson, a great pizza place with great service and a very friendly place to hang out. 

 “It has quality service and friendly employees,” Thompson said. 

He likes the place not only for the pizza, but for the quality time he gets with friends in the restaurant. In Peace a Pizza you don’t have to order food as its more of a hangout area for teens and families, and its right down the street from CHS. 

According to junior Matthew Wilson, Chef Paolinos is the best pizza and Italian restaurant itown because of its location and quality. 

“I like it because it’s close and easyalso they make some banging cheesesteaks,” Wilson said. 

Chef Paolinos is located right down Bloomsbury and is easy to get to for students after school. 

So, what is the best pizza place in town? Well, it depends on what you like and where its located, but seeing that Peace a Pizza is right down the street from our school and has self-seating even if you don’t want to eat, a conclusion will be made that Peace a Pizza is the best place to hang out and get a bite to eat with friends.