Built In Best Friends


Caroline Bryant, Staff

Today, 80% of the world has at least one sibling. The only question is who’s better: brothers or sisters 

“Sisters,” junior Claire O’Donnell said without hesitation. “I have a younger sister. We go to the playground and the pool together in the summertime. I really enjoy it.” 

Junior Olivia Totaro agreed, commenting, “I’m pretty close with my sisters Alice (13) and Natalie (9). They sometimes make me do their makeup while we watch TV together.” 

According to Bustle.com (https://www.bustle.com/articles/78072-8-benefits-of-having-a-sister-according-to-science), the answer is indeed sisters. Scientific research shows that people with sisters are less likely to experience guilt, solitude, and anxiety compared to someone living without a sister. 

Having a sister is like built-in best friend. They’re one of the first people to create a special, loving bond with from birth. In response to these tight knit ties, families with sisters produce an extra communicative person that feels safe expressing their emotions.  

“It’s easier to talk to them about stuff,” said Totaro. “If I had a brother, he would probably leave me alone.” 

“I like having long, late night talks with my sister because I feel comfortable telling things to her because I know it’s a safe space,” tells Olivia Shepherd, junior. “Dance parties in our room is always something to look forward to too. We always have a good time.” 

Despite the psychological advantages, the best part of it all seems to be having full access to not one, but multiple wardrobes. 

“The advantage of having a sister over a brother is that I can take their clothes and jewelry,” Totaro admitted. 
“I love sharing clothes and getting hand-me downs from my older sister,” Shepherd exclaimed. “We both have a very similar style.” 

Without a sister, or any siblings at all, simple assets like these don’t exist. One’s sense of inclusivity and companionship disappear, making you feel as if something apart of you is incomplete.  

“At the end of the day, you have to appreciate that someone is always there for you. Don’t take advantage of them,” O’Donnell advised. 

“Oh, I would cry without my siblings,” Shepherd said, “I’m never bored with them and it’d be very quiet.” 

Totaro’s favorite memories always involve her younger sisters. From vacations to rainy days at home, she always remembers something to smile about. 

“When were on vacation and end up sharing the same room, we end up fighting about space. I think that’s funny because if someone was unappreciative of the time with their siblings, I would tell them that they’re missing out. Later in life, they won’t have those best friends they could’ve had– that someone you can rely on for anything.”