‘Escape Room’ Challenges the Minds of its Audience


Maia Adeoye, Staff

The 2019 psychological horror mystery film titled Escape Room has been grabbing the attention of horror movie lovers since the day it came out. Directed by Adam Robitel, this horror film takes you on a wild ride of emotions and tricks your mind into a state of paranoia: you build connections with characters just to break your heart moments later. Escape Room is a film that everyone to watch if they are just a tad bit masochistic. 

The film captures the story of six people: Zoey, Ben, Jason, Mike, Amanda and Danny. The group finds itself stuck in an escape room after receiving and completing puzzle boxes addressed from people they knew. They go through seven rooms: the hot room, the cabin, the cold room, the upside-down room, the infirmary, the optical illusion room, and the end room. Each time, there is the possibility of a character’s death. 

The sets in the movie are amazing. The different escape rooms are themed after the traumatic events of each character. Each room has not only a very complex puzzle, but it tricks with each clue it gives. The connections to each character’s tragic past allow for the audience to create strong bonds with each character and to feel devastated when they die. 

The tension created in this movie is enough to bring you to tears. The long pauses as a character faces death allows for the emotions of the scene to penetrate the audience. Similar to the suspense of the Insidious and Paranormal Activity movies, the movie is full of frightening moments that will stick with audience members for years. 

The cast of the movie couldn’t have been any better. For example, Taylor Russel, playing the character of Zoey, captured the true essence of this shy, yet highly intelligent, girl. Her reactions to each thing that happens around her causes her to go slightly insane. The transition in her personality really drives to home the psychological effect of the movie. 

The cinematography is perfect. The upside-down room allows for lots of cinematic opportunities, which the director takes full advantage of. In the optical illusion room, flashing lights and cameras attached to the fronts of the actors create a disorienting effect as they suffer the poison that they have been given. The room feels like it is moving as each camera jolts around the room and captures the confusing patterns on the wall 

Escape Room gets a full 5 out of 5. Everyone should grab a box of tissues and watch it because you will not be disappointed.