JV Softball Team Wins Counties


Adam Carroll, Staff

The JV softball team harepeated as county champions. They clinched the title on May 8, 2019, when they took down Towson by a score of 8-3. 

Sophomore Hailee McDaniel recalls the team developing good chemistry as the season progressed. 

“We had trouble working as a team but in the end, it turned out really well,” said McDaniel. “In the championship, we had all the energy.” 

They went undefeated this season, and many of their wins were not even close. 

Paul Harris, who has coached the team for three years is impressed by the team’s work ethic. 

“They all had amazing attitude and worked hard, all while having fun while they did it,” said Coach Harris. “You can really tell they all really love the game and were eager to learn more.” 

Coach Harris attributes the championship to the players’ experience and intense training as the key reasons why. 

“I would say player skill level of players combined with years of experience was the key,” said Coach Harris. “Add in a training environment that pushed the players to be their bestand you have a good recipe for success. 

Freshman Caelyn Voss is very relieved to have won the championship after all the hard work. 

“It feels like weight has been lifted off my shoulders because we would work so hard to win and be the best players we could,” said Voss. “When we got there and finished, I was proud and felt accomplished.” 

Coach Harris is proud of what he helped this group of young girls accomplish. 

“I feel great about winning the championship,” said Coach Harris. “The team worked hard this year and earned it.”