Edible Art Returns for 25th Year

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Edible Art Returns for 25th Year

Beth Wolde, Staff

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CHS held its 25th annual Edible Art Show on March 19. The show was divided into school-level competition categories; this could be seen in three color-coded sections: purple for high schoolers, green for middle schoolers, and red for elementary schoolers.

The cafeteria also held an area for additional snacks and an area that showcased art pieces for sale, such as pottery and other accessories. There was also an admissions table for the show that was all student- run.

“We went a lot harder with advertising this year. I made sure to reach out to all the principals of the feeder schools and sent packages for them to give to their students. We have tons of kids from the national art honor society who offered to help out and work at all the tables,” said art teacher Julie Stiltz.

The Edible Art Show had a diverse set of edible constructs with many of these creations taking up lots of time to make.

“It probably took us like four hours to make. We were inspired by the board game candy land. It definitely took a while to put together.” said sophomore Ellie Cooper, cocreator of the Candy Land cake.

This year there were many contestants, and the people’s choice winner was Walking the Path of Love.

Their larger construction consisted of multiple hand and foot outlines that each of the kids helped to create and decorate. This piece extended across three tables and at the center a tall three-tier layer of hands, the top letters spelled out “LOVE”.

There were also other larger pieces made such as the middle school first place winner, Maryland By Maryland ,which was constructed by Heritage Instructional Services. This piece was a huge construct made of rice crispy material in the shape of Maryland State, frosted over with our state flag colors. The project also included a mini construct of rice crispy crabs, Old Bay, the Ravens football and mascot, the Orioles symbols, and letters spelling out “HOME.”

“I saw a crab on a picture in our art room and thought ‘Hey we should make it about crabs’. It didn’t take that long to set up. We had to bring it all in from the back-parking lot; it kind of took a while, and it was a little hectic. We’ve been doing this for years with our art class. And its tradition” said one of the 7th graders who worked on Maryland by Maryland, Evan Maddox.

Students found inspiration from all over. Some came from books like Harry Potter and others from the news and other current events, like the piece #45.

“We were inspired by Pinterest. We kept looking on Pinterest, and we found one thing with succulents, and we were like, “Hey let’s create a whole cake about succulents. With team work we were able to get it done well,” said sophomore artists Katy Lamb and Hazel Montgomery-Walsh.

Many of the artists and creators are members of national art Honor society. Art teacher Windy Spiridigliozzi explained they encourage their students to participate in the Edible Art show every year.