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2017-2018 Staff

Evan Pappas


I play for the CHS JV soccer team, and I enjoy cooking food and chilling with the boys.  

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Nate Henry


Hello, I'm Nate Henry. I play lacrosse and basketball. I enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my friends.

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David Murray


I am David, and I like almost getting kicked out of Homecoming for crowdsurfing.

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Denaijy Dorsey


Hey, all you people, I'm Denaijy. This is my first year working on the newspaper. I'm not a sociable person, and I'm pretty much a loner. I have my own style mentally and physically, and I am a very chill, laid-...

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Alexis Kahler


Hi, I’m Alexis, and I am a freshman this year at CHS. I love to play basketball and run cross-country. GO COMETS!!!!

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Ellie Dugan


Hi, my name's Ellie, and I'm a sophomore at CHS.  I like sports, food, music, and writing stories with (some) substance.

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Dexter Weinkam


I play JV lacrosse and soccer for CHS. I like to watch football and basketball with my family on the weekends. I have 8 siblings, and I am the second youngest out of all of us. My favorite thing to do...

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Nick Clancy


I’m a freshman, and I like red things.

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Mona Kessy


Hi, I'm Mona (Mona Lisa) and I'm a sophomore.  I like writing for the school newspaper, but I like food more.

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Nikitha Mupparaju


I am a freshman, and I love playing softball. I also play the violin and like to read.

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Ian Miller


Hello! My name is Ian Miller, and I'm a sophomore and this is my first year on the school newspaper. I enjoy working at my job, eating sushi, playing baseball, and watching sports. I'm very interested...

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Ben Hall


Hi I am Ben Hall. I am in the class of 2019 at Catonsville High. This is my first year in Journalism. My main interest to write about sports.

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Anna Giolitti


Hello! My name is Anna, and I am in the 10th grade. I love to go out with my friends and play with my dog. Be sure to check out my stories!

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Mira Loomis


I'm a sophomore. I play lacrosse all year round, and I'm a lifeguard for Hunting Hills Swim Club. I play the violin, piano, guitar, and I sing.

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Mackenzie Kinstler


Sophomore. I like hanging out with friends and family. I love my dogs.

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Cameron McHugh


Hi! My name is Cameron McHugh, and I am a freshman here at Catonsville High! Obviously this is my first year taking journalism, and I already am loving it. I am a huge sports fan. My favorite teams are...

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Don'ya Truesdale


Hey peeps! I'm Don'ya! I'm a sophomore, and this is my first year of Journalism class. I play volleyball and softball for the school, I love to shop, and I'm very social, but I only have 3 best friends....

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Adam Carroll


Hi, my name's Adam, and I'm currently a junior. This is my first year writing for the Comet and, in my spare time, I love keeping up with sports  and politics.

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Li Chen


Hi, my name is Li Chen, and I'm a freshman. I like to play basketball and mountain bike as a hobby.

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Melissa Tolton


My name is Melissa Tolton and I am a sophomore at CHS. I play varsity field hockey for the comets. This is my first year writing for the school newspaper.

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Gabby Douglas


Hi! My name is Gabby Douglas, and I am a junior at CHS. I love playing basketball and volleyball. And am happy to be a member of the newspaper staff!

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Noor Raza


This is my bio. Good bye-o.

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Vicki Zhang


Hi I am a junior, and I like to dance. I really like food and chickens.

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Jack Corcoran


Hi! My name is Jack Corcoran, and I'm a sophomore here at CHS. This is my second year here, so obviously this class is a blast! With more experience now, I hope to write better, more varied articles. Some...

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Katie thor Straten


Hello! My name is Katie thor Straten, and I am a junior on the newspaper staff. I enjoy writing, reading, and making art. I take this class because I want to get experience in writing articles and I am...

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Daisy Arroyo

Staff Writer

Hello I'm Daisy. I am a junior at CHS, which is great. I like to sleep, hang out with friends, and shop. When I grow up I want to be a stylist. I'm awful at math and science, and I don't really like the...

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Eden Beyene

Staff Writer

Hi i'm Eden! I am a 11th grader in CHS. I enjoy reading and writing which is why I joined journalism. In my free time, I enjoy reading and talking with friends. I like to make my stories as interesting...

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Maddie Clarke


My name is Maddie, and I look like the girl from the movie Brave.

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Katrina Bucher


Hi, I'm Katrina Bucher, a junior here at CHS. I love to play softball, golf, and hang out with my friends. I'm really happy to be writing for the school newspaper again. I hope you enjoy!

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Jami Citko


Living simultaneously in the world and in the Twilight Zone

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Rayner Reinhardt


My name's Rayner Reinhardt, and I'm a junior at CHS. I'm really excited to be returning to the Comet staff and keep up with the school's news!

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