NBA Finals Predictions


Li Chen, Staff

The NBA regular season came to an end on the first week in April. After two weeksthe playoffs finished with a total of eight teams moving on to the conference semifinals. The 2nd round will be wrapped up by 5/13 with the teams reduced by half once more, and the fans will be excited as the intense finals will be starting soon. 

Here is where things stand: 

  1. Milwaukee Bucks: The first seed in the 2018-2019 playoffs with the most wins in the regular season, the team is dominantly reliant on Giannis Antetokounmpo, their star player, who is also nominated for MVP this year. 
  2. Golden State Warriors: First seed in the Western Conference with also a high chance of becoming the Champions again, the team won the title last year over the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 4-0 sweep.  
  3. Toronto Raptors: Coming to the playoffs this year with a solid first round finish, the team is doing decent as you consider they’re still make adjusting around their newest franchise player Kawhi Leonard. 
  4. Denver Nuggets: Even though they are not always known to be a playoff team, their performance in the first round this year proves otherwise as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs at an intense Game 7. 
  5. Philadelphia 76ers: They are a team with lots of great players that can potentially bring their team a conference semifinal win. Their primary starting corcontains three well-known all-stars: point guard Ben Simmons, power forward Joel Embiid, and four-time NBA all-star Jimmy Butler. 
  6. Portland Trail Blazers: This is the team that always tends to surprise to the fans; in Game 5 their star player Damian Lillard hit a last second shot from a whopping 37 feet distance awaywinning them the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 
  7. Boston Celtics: This team made it to the playoffs once again, even though they lost last year to the Cavaliers in the title of Conference Champions. Once again, the team being led by All-Star guard Kyrie Irving, great shooter but an even better team player, which could lead to them blowing out the Pacers 4-0 in the first round. 
  8. Houston Rockets: The Rockets is an excellent team with a starting lineup consisting of many known stars such as James Harden, Chris Paul, and Clint Capela. Their key player James Harden also was the MVP of the NBA last season and is nominated once again this year with Giannis as his main competitor.