Comet Tennis Sports Preview

Samantha Meek, Staff

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Spring is coming soon. So is the Tennis Team. This season, the Tennis Team getting ready with lots of practice to get in a good position to play well this year. Most players from last year`s team would be coming back this year to play, and new players will be added, too. 

Math teacher and tennis coach Mary Anne Llorin seems very hopeful that this year will be a great year for the team, especially since there will be so many players 

We have 36 total players because I decided to keep the players who tried out, so I separated 20 students and 16 students to separate groups. We also have two new players,” she starts off.  

That`s a lot of students playing, which can also be a challenge because, according to Ms. Llorinthey might lose some old players next year. 

“Next year, we`ll lose a lot of seniors,” she stated. 

Last year`s team has almost reached a record of .500, but they are determined to do better this year. 

Aside from that, there`s a lot the team needs to work on like hits, passes, etc., so they can play against other teams, and Ms.Llorin is getting them ready.  

“We`re going to work more on strategy, like how to hit the ball, position yourself, when to start moving, etc.,” she explained 

Ms. Llorin also explains about the singles and doubles for the upcoming games.  

“We also have a total of nine matches. Two girls play singles and two boys play single. Then we have two girls double matches and two boys double matches. And one mix double,” she explained. 

She has some high hopes for this year. “I hope we`ll have nice weather, no injuries, and that the players have fun and improve,” she explained. 

But there will some challenges along the way.  

“We play against Harford, which is a pretty strong team. We also don`t who is going to play 2nd single,” she explained. 

 Sophomore Shelby Meek is one of the players who was also on the team last year and is back this year. She plays tennis inside and out of school in different areas. 

“I love tennis,” she stated, and she has some big goals. 

 “I hope to be in the states, rank high in counties, and go to regionals,” Meek said 

But since there are some new players coming, it can be difficult. “I mean, it`s difficult playing with people that I don`t know and new players as well but, I have to get used to it,” Shelby explains.  

Sometimes, meeting new people might not be as difficult as you think. “I like the team. Everyone is so nice,” she shares.