Future Looks Bright for Baltimore

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Future Looks Bright for Baltimore

Zayd Zaghari, Staff

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The Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Baltimore Ravens in a heavily contested AFC wildcard matchup in which the winner would play the New England Patriots. The Chargers, led by defensive end Melvin Ingram, exploited the Ravens passing weaknesses with an explosive pass rush defense that sacked Lamar Jackson seven times. 

Although Jackson did show his weaknesses with a pro-style strategy throughout the game, there was hope in the 4th quarter when he caught fire, throwing a 31-yard and 7-yard touchdown to Michael Crabtree.  

Regardless of the game’s outcome, it remains clear that Jackson is the future of a promising Ravens organization that was able to finish the season 6-1 with former head quarterback Joe Flacco sitting out with injury and despair. He has the most rushing yards, 695 yds, by any quarterback in the league, allowing him to compensate for his developing passing game which does indeed have potential. He’s completed over 58% of his passes in his time as a starter which has really got the Ravens offense the motivation it needed to win games. 

On the other hand,  the Ravens last Super Bowl win was in 2012; Joe Flacco hasn’t been the quarterback Baltimore has needed with his below average quarterback rating and lack of fire in the 4th quarter.  

Jackson’s elite-level athleticism, combined with his potential to develop a passing game, matches perfectly with the Ravens’ top-rated defense and time-control offense that has had a historically great rushing game this season. The fans believe in his abilities and so do the coaching staff. 

“The kid is special. He’s just one of those rare talents, and I just love watching him play. I love his competitive spirit. I love how electric he can be in the open field,” Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich proclaimed in an interview with Bleacher Report 

They feel the same way closer to home. 

“His athleticism is off the charts. We haven’t seen something like this since Michael Vick. Who knows, he might be even better,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh in an interview with the Baltimore Sun. 

Only time will tell how big of an impact Jackson can make for the entire Ravens organization as a whole, but by the sheer skill and gut Jackson has towards his game, the future looks bright for Baltimore.