Off-Season Importance for Athletes


Li Chen, Staff

Have you ever wondered what athletes do during the times where they’re not playing a sport? Most people who aren’t athletes themselves believe that athletes don’t have to train for the upcoming season.  

This is just not the case; in fact, most athletes spend most of their time off-season training for the sport, working out, and making sure to stay healthy. Off-season is important for all athletes no matter what sports they play because the goal of off-season is to improve your strength, speed, and agility which can apply to all athletes.  

“Off-season is very important for athletes because during that time I can prepare for the sport, keep body in shape, and get better. I play football, and CHS provides off-season for football athletes that want to stay in shape when football isn’t in session,” said sophomore John Hein. 

Sports such as football, and lacrosse are played during September and October which are played near the beginning of the school year and end by the fall. In the beginning of the off-season an athlete should take some time to recover physically and mentally from the sport that they have been playing. 

“I have a specialized diet during off-season and exercise daily so that when it’s football season, I can be ready to play and be stronger for the season,” said sophomore Mark Federline. 

High school athletes are often so focused on playing the sport they don’t have time to maintain good grades in result they are constantly stressed out. During the off-season, they are catching up with their school work and doing any make up work for classes that they may might have missed during the season. 

“In the beginning of football season, I had a couple D’s in my classes, but by half way through the season I had to get my grades up or else I would have got kicked off the team. I started to go to coach classes to do revisions to get my grade up and continued that for the rest of the season,” said sophomore Ricky Sears. 

Research from “Training Cor” shows that offseason is the time to focus and become stronger to stay off the injured list. Offseason is a good time to work on technique, spend time with teammates, work on endurance and agility, and make other plans to become ready for the upcoming season. During offseason, for example, not resting, gaining weight, or losing sight of goals are all good ideas. It also doesn’t hurt to rest, relax, and recover physically and mentally.  

Overall offseason is very important for all athletes because it’s the time where athletes can manage their own time to know what’s more beneficial and relevant to them, so an athlete can be ready when the season comes along.