Is Lamar Jackson the Answer?

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Is Lamar Jackson the Answer?

Cameron McHugh, Staff

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For the past five weeks, Lamar Jackson has been the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, bringing excitement back to a team that seemed to be spiraling out of control. Thanks in part to Joe Flacco’s ailing hip, the first-round pick Jackson has been given the opportunity to showcase his skills in front of the fans and media. Coach Harbaugh has made it clear that Jackson will be the team’s quarterback going forward. 

Sophomore Bardan Kafle was ecstatic when Lamar Jackson was drafted and loves the energy that Jackson brings to the game.  

“Jackson has been electrifying since he became the starter,” said the sophomore. “Our running game has been amazing, and the offense seems to be flowing better. There’s no way we can reasonably go back to Joe Flacco.”  

During his first three starts, Jackson had already broken records. Lamar Jackson set the record for most rushing yards by a QB in his first two starts with 190 yards. Jackson has also shown the ability to make “NFL-quality” passes, including a 74-yard pass to tight end Mark Andrews. 

“While Joe Flacco in the playoffs back in 2012 had a great arm, I believe that Lamar has better potential.” said sophomore Jakob Wilkens. “If that ‘version’ of Flacco can return, we can be successful but if not, it’s time for Lamar.” 

The success of Lamar Jackson has not come without controversy however. Eleven-year Raven Joe Flacco’s career in Baltimore seems to be coming to an end as Jackson continues to have success.  

Flacco will not go out in disgrace however. He was an integral part in the Ravens 2012 Super Bowl run and has also put together multiple “elite-level” season throughout his career. 

“Joe Flacco just isn’t good enough anymore,” said sophomore Samantha Sisolak. “Even before he got injured, he wasn’t getting the job done anymore.” 

Flacco has been subject to scrutiny for the past couple of years as his skill has consistently declined. His arm has not been as reliable as it was back in the 2012 playoffs where he was able to make many legendary plays such as the “Mile-High Miracle” vs. the Denver Broncos. 

“Flacco has made some great moments as a Raven, but those are all in the past,” said senior Charles Sessions, “Jackson can’t throw great yet, but he is a better athlete than Flacco and can run an offense better than him.” 

Jackson has led the team to 4-1 in his first 5 starts, with the only loss coming in an overtime game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  

“Jackson has shown great leadership so far,” Kafle went on to say. “Lamar has kept his composure and has been able to get right back up following a big hit. I’m very impressed with what I have seen so far.” 

Jakob Wilkens echoed this statement. 

“There is no way Harbaugh can easily go back to Flacco,” said the sophomore. “Unless Jackson falls apart, Flacco won’t play another game in a Ravens uniform.” 

It seems as if Flacco’s time with Baltimore is coming to an end, and according to most fans, it already has.