College Football is Better than the NFL

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College Football is Better than the NFL

Cameron McHugh, Staff

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College football is not only more entertaining to watch than the NFL, it is a completely better organization.  

The NCAA provides tons of options for the both the causal and hardcore fan. For example, in just Division I alone, there are 155 teams between the FBS and FCS.  

While the NFL seems to always be subject to controversy, the NCAA leaves their biggest decisions up to the school. 

When both the University of Maryland and Ohio State were subjects of national backlash, the NCAA let each individual college decide the punishment for each of their coaches. This way, the NCAA is not liable for any of the choices made. While Maryland decided to reinstate head coach DJ Durkin then proceed to fire him, Ohio State opted for a suspension of star head coach Urban Meyer. 

This is a lot different from the NFL’s policies regarding punishment. The National Football League is consistently scrutinized for their lack of harsh punishment or too harsh of one. For example, during a November 25th against the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette got into a fist fight with some Bills players. Fournette got a 1-game suspension.  

This in comparison to the original suspension of Ray Rice who, in 2014, was recorded on video striking is then-girlfriend, rendering her unconscious. This decision was called “tone-deaf” by most people within the sports media. Rice was then given a lifetime ban from ever playing in the NFL. 

The College Football Playoff also offers a unique experience and twist on postseason football. Unlike the NFL where the top teams are usually decided with a few weeks left in the regular season, the CFP brings a new form of suspense to the season. The top 4 teams that make the playoffs are not decided until after the regular season meaning nothing is guaranteed. Many believe that Ohio State should have made the CFP this season over Oklahoma, thus leaving the arguments to the fans. 

The only perennial team to play in the CFP since its instalment in 2014 has been Alabama. Other than this, the committee has been very objective when it comes to selecting teams. The College Football Playoff Selection Committee creates a more dramatic and more enticing experience for both fans and teams alike. There are always surprises in the committee’s actions and will allow for the process to remain interesting. 

Fandom in the NFL is also not as great as it is in the NCAA. Student sections create an atmosphere that is not replicated in any other sport. Taco Bell recently announced a contest in which fans can vote on who has the best student section in the country. College football fandom can be acquired in many ways. Fans of college football teams usually have a connection to the school that they support. 

Football is an American sport, and it should be the same at all levels. Instead, college football provides a very different approach to the game loved by many around the country, and therefore, is a better organization than the National Football League.