Hey, Trump, Invite the Women, Too

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Hey, Trump, Invite the Women, Too

Jack Corcoran, Staff

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The White House inviting sports championship teams to visit with the president hasn’t been a new tradition. Calvin Coolidge invited the then-Washington Senators to the White House after winning the World Series in 1924. JFK invited the Boston Celtics in 1963 after winning one of their many championships during that decade. The first Super Bowl winning team to be invited was the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1980.

Ever since then, that tradition has expanded, from NHL champions to even teams from the NCAA having been invited to the White House without controversy year after year. While a few players have skipped the visit because of political differences, there has been much fuss over this tradition since Trump has entered the White House.

This all started with the Golden State Warriors, who have been open about their political differences with Trump, having most of their players decline the invitation to visit. Little Baby Trump, upset that his friends didn’t want to come over to visit, stomped his feet and said that he rescinded their visit because they were “disrespectful.” He also invited the Eagles to come visit, and, in accordance with their players’ political ideologies, many declined.

Trump then threw yet another temper tantrum and rescinded their visit, but only after Fox News, Trump’s most trusted “news” outlet, showed a picture that they thought were Eagles players kneeling for the anthem (they were in a pregame prayer). Trump then turned the issue into one of patriotism, most likely because he wanted to save himself from the embarrassment of the Warriors debacle, but then again, Trump was still caught with egg on his face when Fox News was caught blatantly lying about Eagles players kneeling, since they were one of the only NFL teams to have no players kneel for the anthem the entire season.

However, despite Trump being declined by multiple teams, he says that he still wants to carry on this tradition with the March Madness tournament winners and NHL and MLB champs continuing to come to the White House as Trump continues his personal vendetta against the NBA and the NFL. But wait, aren’t a few sports missing?

Oh, that’s right, Trump seems to be forgetting pretty much all the women’s sports, including the WNBA. As LeBron James and Minnesota Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve have pointed out, the Obama administration admitted every single women’s NCAA champ separately, and the WNBA champions have even been recognized since the Houston Comets during the late 90s and early 2000s.

Trump, however, has decided to lump all the women’s champions together and has exclude the WNBA completely, while the North Carolina men’s basketball team, the New England Patriots, Alabama football, and the Houston Astros have all received invites from Trump and have done their visit within the same time period since the Lynx have won the WNBA title.

While the Lynx, the recent WNBA champion, has been extremely classy about it, and in lieu of a White House visit, they did a championship celebration ceremony/community service event with students at a DC elementary school, this only does little to distract from the fact that

the Trump White House, from excluding WNBA champs to trying to slut-shame Stormy Daniels into silence, does not respect women. When given Trump’s history of misogyny, this should be no surprise at all.