CHS Boys’ Varsity Basketball Season Wrap-Up


Cameron McHugh and Li Chen

This season, the CHS boys’ varsity basketball team went 9-9 in the regular season and made the state playoffs. Their first game was against Howard High, and they won easily with final score of 71-42. Their second game in the playoffs where they went up against Dulaney and lost, 60-52, in a game that came down to the last quarter. 

The team’s starting lineup this season consisted of seniors Shawn Wagstaff, Amori Guadeloupe, and Matt Chambers, along with juniors Jaylen Jones and Caleb Owens. The rest of the team consisted of juniors Deonte Dunlap, Ben Hall, Tiree Holmes, Andrew McInerney, and Will Caldwell, as well as sophomores Mark Brady and Kelvin Spruill. The coaching staff was headed by Teron Owens with assistant coaches Kortini Smith and Jason Harris. 

Sophomore David Hale was the team manager this season.  

“There were a lot of ups and downs, but the team walked away feeling good about their season,” Hale said. “The team was really impressive during the Dundalk Holiday tournament when they walked away with a trophy.” 

The team got their first win of the season on December 6 against Mt. Hebron where they came back with a last-minute score that won them the game 63-61. This was a great start to their season and certainly boosted their confidence as they progressed through the season. 

The team got another win on January 19 against Kenwood, 75-54. Their performance was spectacular, and the team played great together with an excellent defense to keep the other team from scoring. 

Sophomore Khalid Davis made the team last year as a freshman, but he was academically ineligible this year. He did however, go to every game and witnessed the ups and downs of the season.  

“The team performed very well from what I saw,” Davis said. “The team gave up on each other at the end of season.” 

On December 16, CHS played an exhibition game against Mount St. Joseph, the number 6 team in the state. MSJ’s best player, Jalen Smith, has already committed to the University of Maryland. He will be playing next season and will undoubtedly make an impact on the team next year. As for the game against Catonsville, they absolutely dominated the Comets. The Gaels won by a final score of 81-50, but this served as a great learning experience for the team. 

“I feel as if the season could have gone better for us,” said Kaleb Owens. “I feel as if as a team our mentality wasn’t strong enough to really compete, and, personally, I feel as if I didn’t push myself to my limits as an athlete.” 

On December 12, the team played their last home game of the regular season. The team played amazing offense with the amount of 3-pointers, layups, and mid-ranged shots taken and made that game. The Comets won fabulously 69-58. 

The team had a national rank of 7600 and state rank of 135 for this season which is not bad compared to their ranking from the 2016/2017 season.  

“We had a very good season in my opinion,” said Holmes. “Out of ten, I would give my season a 5. I feel like I could have made a better impact on the court if I put in more effort.” 

Overall, the CHS varsity basketball team did very well this season with a team that consisted of juniors and a few sophomores with their first time playing on the varsity team and have no experience to this new routine. The team under the coaching of Teron Owens will most likely be able to play well even though they lose a lot of the star seniors on the team. 

The team is looking forward to next year, and they gave out some pointers to those who hope to make the team next year. They said to, “get into shape and get ready to become a leader,” said Davis.  

Tiree Holmes also added that, “You should be ready to run and work as hard as you can. Don’t act like it is a tryout, you need to commit yourself to the team.”