Sports Impact Student Schedules


Nick Clancy and Li Chen

Students have to balance schoolwork, sports and a social life. Having to deal with this much pressure can lead to stress, physical health problems, especially if they aren’t successful in this balancing act. Because of this, many students complain about not having enough time to complete their homework, that they have too much homework, or they can’t handle the work load. A study from Stanford found that children identified homework as the leading cause of stress in their lives.

“Our findings on the effects of homework challenge the traditional assumption that homework is inherently good,” wrote Denise Pope.

Students who participate in sports normally doesn’t have as much free time compared to students who doesn’t play sports. While sports can help students become more physically active, they can also affect the grades of students who don’t balance practice and homework. Sports can also be very stressful for students, a study by the NCAA claimed that the majority of student athletes faced a lot of stress.

“Because I play ice hockey, it can be very stressful to try and complete schoolwork while dealing with practice and tournaments,” freshman Nate Brooks said. Timecenter recommends setting realistic goals, using good study habits, and maintaining your physical and mental health as a way to help you balance your schedule. This can also help you learn the skill of time management which is a very important to students after they graduate out of high school.

“Schoolwork definitely interferes with my social life, I can’t spend time with my friends sometimes because I have homework or other work from school,” freshman Mathias Abebe said

It’s important that students don’t become lazy or procrastinate on school assignments. School work are relevant but not so important to the point where the only thing they do is completing homework. A study from Oxford claimed that, “Students who spend too much time on homework are not always able to meet other needs, like being physically and socially active.”

“Because I play basketball, I sometimes can’t get schoolwork done in time because I have practice or a game,” freshman Barden Kafle said.

Sports is a topic any High School student can discuss about and there are many ways to view it, but the way they would express their opinions the easiest is through just playing a game of it with their friends or classmates.

“I play football with my friends outside of school and do my schoolwork afterwards when I’m home,” junior Malik Jackson commented. Participating in sports can also lead to sleep deprivation, a study from Sleep for Science claimed that participating in sports can lead to a lack of sleep, which leads to a negative effect on academic performance.