Why Does Gen Z Gloss over Thanksgiving?

Why Does Gen Z Gloss over Thanksgiving?

Rayne Thompson, Staff

Sure, people appreciate Thanksgiving. A time to gather around with the family to eat lots of food and enjoy a good meal. But in comparison to other holidays, why is “Turkey Sacrifice Day’ so overlooked?

There could be multiple reasons not to value Thanksgiving in general, like the history associated with the day, or how it might stress out the person in charge of the gathering. Even so, older generations and even young adults and teenagers can appreciate the holiday.

Although for those much younger, people may not appreciate the centuries old holiday because it is merely boring. Where are the mystical beings? How about cute movies with talking animals and magic? There isn’t a big selection in comparison to Halloween and Christmas. Even Easter is notable for Hop. Everybody likes to eat, but it’s not very fun. There are plenty of plausible reasons for Thanksgivings’ downfall, that more correlate to the little ones.

The holiday seems to have an inability to advertise itself well. Unlike Christmas or Easter, besides in food sales, it’s hard to value those shopping in November. Unless for early Christmas or all the Halloween decorations on clearance, there isn’t much to look forward to. People aren’t going to invest in specifically Thanksgiving decorations.

No offense, but warm-toned colors like orange and brown aren’t as bright as they seem. Kids’ eyes don’t shine when they see those color schemes at Walmart. Come on, Thanksgiving, step up your game here! If the children aren’t pleased, neither is Mom and Dad, so no buying. Especially when they could be saving for that glow-up Santa Claus that sings at the press of a button.

Most likely out of everything, the reason people don’t value Thanksgiving is because of how younger children feel. And to children, it’s boring. Big businesses have valued the aspect of childhood so much more in the last century. It’s essential they draw in the children’s eye, to draw in the parent’s, to draw in the public. Youth, especially younger boys and girls who still value Barbies and Legos over all else aren’t looking forward to sitting at a kid’s table to eat Turkey.

Unfortunately, to Generation Z, Thanksgiving is the holiday between Halloween and Christmas, and little more.