Why New Adults Should Vote


Julia Engles, Staff

Voting is an unfamiliar to most teens, but in the next upcoming election a majority of high school seniors will be able to do so. No matter how insignificant your single vote may seem, it’s important for you to participate.  

As young voters, we make up half of the voting population so, we have more of a say than you may think. When we make up such a majority, it’s apparent that our vote really does matter, and it’d be a shame to just sit back and let people decide things for us when we have so much potential power.  

In the 2016 election, for example, many millennials reported feeling disillusioned by both presidential candidates, which resulted in many young people sitting out of that election. But the catch is during this past election the country was more politically divided than ever before, and every vote mattered. 

Obama’s 2008 election is a prime example that shows the importance of young voters; his campaign was heavily reliant on his popularity amongst young people. Our democracy is based on the voice of the people, and if the candidate you hate wins, you can’t really complain about it because you didn’t vote.  

American Government teacher Kesari Petroff thinks young adults should vote.  

“It is important for new adults to vote because voting at an early age usually means it becomes a habit throughout one’s life,” she explained. “Additionally, students likely remember something about the government from their classes and likely have more education on the issues than the average adult American”.  

Many experts believe that making a habit out of voting is a good habit to form as soon as you are able.  

Senior class vice president Cathy Wang believes things could be done to increase poll turnouts among young people. 

“The mindset of seeing voting as mundane could be changed in various ways,” she said. “One way is making it more accessible, convenient, and interesting. Changes such as the MVA registering people to vote when they get their license are a step in the right direction since it saves time and doesn’t feel like a chore. Also, celebrities are using their platform to encourage fans to vote, which incites interest from those who otherwise would’ve passed on registering”.   

Wang added, “Corruption is everywhere. Once we turn 18, we are one step closer to inheriting this world, but this doesn’t look like an appealing world to inherit. We’re left to fix the mistakes left by past generations and the first step in doing so is to vote. Your right to vote is your voice to this country’s government. The new adult’s future is at stake and the first step towards a solution is to participate and vote.”” 

Even if you still aren’t convinced that your individual vote matters, vote anyway. Voice your opinions and participate in the democracy. Even if your candidate of choice doesn’t end up winning, at least you get a sticker out of the deal.