Drawing Zoo Offers Living Models


Maia Adeoye and Darius Walters

Art and photography classes have invited The Drawing Zoo to visit classrooms to be drawn and photographed by students for years. The program brings a colorful cast of critters to schools.

Owners Roger and Kerri Litz created the Drawing Zoo to bring science and art together and better educate children and adults on these beautiful animals.

“It was an accident at first. I had a rescue lizard whose vet bills I couldn’t afford so I brought him to one of my classes to raise money for his bills. When I was in business school, we had to create a business as our final project, and it hit me that that could be a business,” founder of the Drawing Zoo Brittany Roger explained.

The opportunity to draw and photograph these animals has many benefits for the participants. It has attracted many different organizations and schools.

“I wanted to give my students the opportunity to these types of professions in a different light and show students that mixing different fields can become excellent career paths,” art and photography teacher Jessica Voss explained.

The students in art and photography really enjoyed getting to know and interact with the animals in class.

“In the Drawing Zoo, we took micro shots of various reptiles. This experience made me aware that there are lots of different opportunities that you can miss sometimes,” junior Harry Hite claimed.

Others liked that it was a different way to practice art skills.

“I loved the Drawing Zoo and seeing all of the cute animals. It was great practice for drawing proper forms and living models in different positions,” sophomore Lauren Forsyth remarked.

The Drawing Zoo has given students the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities.

“The Drawing Zoo was so fun, taking close up shots of animals was a learning experience. Learning new photography skills and figuring out new methods of picture taking was very interesting. I think that a lot of people don’t realize how many different areas of study you can go into with photography,” explained senior Vicah Blair.