What is the Child Development Class?


Emelie Ingle, Staff

When you are choosing electives, sometimes it’s hard to know what you are interested in and what you want to try. Electives are classes that students choose to take, and they fall outside of core course requirements. The child development class, taught by Christina DeSimone, is an elective. But what exactly do students in the child development class do? 

“Students are always craving something that they can do. That’s why they sign up for journalism and the engineering classes… It really gets people motivated,” explained Ms. DeSimone. 

In Child Development 1, students learn the basics of child development theory and working with young children. In the preschool, they get the opportunity to plan lessons and implement them. Child Development 2 is a step back where students take on more of a leadership role in the preschool. 

In this class, if you put forth the effort, there is no limit to the amount of work and life experience you get out of it. This includes interpersonal skills of working together, organizing projects, and problem solving.  

In addition to life skills, students who complete all course work can obtain six articulated credits at CCBC toward their college goals 

 “It is very beneficial to students. You’re getting those leadership and social skills that are going to be beneficial no matter what you go into after high school,” added Ms. DeSimone.  

The purpose of the class is exposing the idea of being a teacher to students. Some come into the class knowing exactly what they want to do, and others have no idea. 

Preschool is the class’ main focus. The preschool is run six weeks in the fall and eight weeks in the spring. They also do a lot of research on educational theory and other topics.   

“I think students enjoy the classand you can see that in the quality of their work…If you want to work with people or work with children after high school, this class is for you,” shared Ms. DeSimone.