CHS Prepares for ‘Test of All Tests’


Darius Walters, Staff

The SAT, the big test, the test of all tests, is coming up soon, so what has CHS been doing to prepare for the big day?  

Teachers like English teacher Rachel Wilkinson are doing their best to prepare students for the SAT.  

“I start each class with an SAT drill which comes directly from some college board SAT tests and the drills are student lead so students can identify what the problem is first and then identify the correct answer and talk about it as a class”, explained Wilkinson. 

“We will have completed 2entire SAT test Preps in the reading and writing sections, as well as doing grammar work in class.” Continues Wilkinson. 

Along with teachers assistance, on the 12th of February students again have had access to a practice SAT test. This time the test was full length and lasted over 3 hours. This was very helpful to students looking to do exceptionally on the SAT. 

“this helped me get to know what the real SAT is like and understand exactly what I will be looking at on April 9th.” explained junior Kyra Fox. 

“I increased my score by 1oo points”; “The Timing and the pacing of the test was very helpful because normally when we have a practice test, we kinda just get random times to do it so planning how long we have to do each section was helpful.”, Explained junior Greyson Rickwalder. 

As well as a practice test, The Junior class had access to a skill practicing session on March 3rd. The session assisted students with specific mathematical and literary skills.   

“I got lots of help on math skills that I’ve been struggling with that will be crucial to the SAT.”, Stated Fox 

These extra few lengths to prepare for the SAT are well appreciated and recommended for anyone to take advantage of in the future 

“People shouldn’t be blind sighted by the test; they should know what they’re getting into, especially taking such a long test where you’re going to be sitting for a very long time.”, stated Fox