Seniors Take On Exit Interviews


Eden Beyene, Staff

On March 19 and 20, senior interviews return to CHS. Over the course of these two days, senior English classes go to the library, where students are matched with their interviewer. These adults are professionals with interviewing experience.  

Students must bring their resume and cover letters to their interviews, and they will receive an English grade for their preparation and performance. In addition, interviews are a graduation requirement. With these stakes, it makes sense that seniors are working hard to succeed. 

“I’ve been working on my resume and cover letter over the past week,” senior Adam Fu said. 

Senior English teachers have given templates to students so they can format their resumes properly and have an idea for what information must be included. 

“I’ve been working mostly off the templates,” Fu said. 

In addition, students could go to the Writing Center for help. 

“As a writing center tutor, I got a head start in the resume and cover letter process,” senior Kayla Sloan explained. “After… feedback, I began getting an even stronger understanding of how to revise.” 

Although the resume and cover letter make the first impression, your performance in the actual interview factors into your grade as well. Seniors may be wondering what the questions will entail. 

“I think I’m gonna be asked… what makes me unique,” senior Ruth Park said. 

According to Career Partners International, “What you have done in the past strongly suggests what you will do in the future;” therefore, interviewers are trained to ask behavioral questions. For example, they may ask you to describe a conflict you’ve resolved with a classmate or teacher. Career Partners International suggests being able to explain and justify past decisions before the interview. 

“I anticipate to be asked questions about past experiences I have had and how they have shown certain qualities about me,” Sloan said. 

In addition, take time to learn from the experience. You may reuse the resume for a summer job you’re applying to.   

 “This [senior interviews] will help me get a better idea about job interviews and what is expected,” senior Greg Barber said. “This will help me better prepare for an actual job.” 

Interviews can even help in specific fields of your life. Although you may be a senior done with the college application process, you’ll need interview skills when searching for jobs after college graduation. Even before this point, there are other programs in college that may require you to present yourself before interviewers. 

“[I hope the] professional interview would be goodas I go into like college, as I apply to programs and internships,” said Fu.