Bracketology: The Perfect Snack

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Bracketology: The Perfect Snack

Isaiah Smith, Staff

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It’s that time of the year again; March just arrived, and spring is right around the corner. Basketball season is in full swing, so you know what that meansit’s time for March Madness.  

That’s right, it’s time to dust off those brackets, invite some friends over, and watch 68 of America’s finest basketball teams dish it out and climb the ladder to become the nation’s champions. 

And as everyone knows there is no activity that goes more hand in hand with sports binging than sitting back in your recliner and indulging yourself with junk food. But as child and adult alike will tell you, not all snacks are created equal.  

How do you pick a snack that you and a basement full of your rowdy friends can all enjoy? What is The Perfect Snack? 

The Comet has brought together America’s most common and beloved household snacks, and put them head-to-head in their own brackets to determine which delicious treat will rise above them all. 

To decide the winners, each snack was put against one another in 2v2 polls, and it was left up to real people on social media to pick their favorites. This bracket did not discriminate against any food groups while picking its contenders;  no matter if sweet, sour, salty or creamy all snacks we’re eligible to be considered. As long as it was a product that could be commercially made and sold in America and could be found in any grocery store, it was considered a part of this bracket. After consideration the line-up was then whittled down to just a list of the 16 most popular of the bunch: Chips Ahoy, Sour Patch Kids, potato chips, Twizzlers, Oreos, Cheetos, Goldfish Crackers, Doritos, animal crackers, M&Ms, Cheez-Its, Skittles, sunflower seeds, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn.  



In the first round we saw the Sour Patch Kids going up against Twizzlers, with Sour Patch Kids winning with 86% of the votes. 

We also had the battle of the chips as Cheetos went head-to-head with Doritos; Doritos pulled ahead with 57% of the voting. 

Skittles also moved on to Round 2 after narrowly beating M&M’s by just 55%. 

Next, we have the movie theater classics dishing it out as nachos took on popcorn with popcorn with the win by 58% of the votes. 

Pretzels went face-to-face with sunflower seeds, with 72% of the votes going towards the pretzel side. 

Cheez-Its were matched up against animal crackers, Cheez-Its came out victorious with 61% of the votes. 

Goldfish took on Oreos, but Oreos came out on top by 63% of the votes. 

Finally, to finish the first round, potato chips went against Chips Ahoy, as potato chips won after they got 66% of the votes. 



To kick off the round, Sour Patch Kids and Doritos returned to battle it out, but once again Sour Patch Kids came out on top, this time with 64% of the votes. 

After that Skittles went head-to-head with popcorn, and Skittles moved on to the semi-finals by 54% of the votes 

Pretzels was matched up against Cheez-Its but lost when 59% of people voted for Cheez-Its. 

Last, but not least, Oreos beat potato chips by 62% of the votes and are also moving on to the Semi-Finals. 



In the Semi-Finals, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Cheez-Its and Oreos remained. 

Sour Patch Kids went oneonone with Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids came out the victors with 72% of the votes. 

Cheez-Its took on Oreos, and Oreos moved on to the Finals to face Sour Patch Kids after gaining 79% of the votes. 



Finally, after going through 16 snacks, it came down to just 2, “The Sour Sweet misfits” Sour Patch Kids Vs. “America’s Favorite Cookie” Oreos Just narrowly winning with just 54% of the social media votes, we can declare Oreos as The Perfect Snack.