Life As a Twin

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Life As a Twin

Savanna Loverde and Samantha Meek

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a twin? Are you a twin? Which twin is the oldest? Does everyone mix you guys up? What about when your teacher sees you and then your twin? Do you guys always hang out with each other like best friends or do you have a different group of friends? More importantly, how are twins made? How are some twin’s different genders or how do some twins not look exactly alike?  

OK, enough with the questions. If you are a twin, you know that’s all you get, questions about what it’s like to be a twin. 

Twins aren’t just your typical siblingsthey are like your best friend your whole life. According to, having a twin is like having a bond way before you were even born.  

“It’s a really special thing. I love that I have someone who thinks the same way I do. We can finish each other’s sentences w/out even trying. We even try to help each other be successful, so we encourage each other a lot. I may not know the same people. I may not be who I am today because how you treat comes from our shared experiences,” photography teacher Jessica Voss stated. 

There are two types of twins. There are Identical twins and Fraternal twins. 

Identical twins are formed when a single egg starts to split into two. Identical twins have the same characteristics and share the same genes, making them look exactly alike. 

They might develop slight differences when they grow, but of them arent always noticeable. Some may possess different personalities and likings, and some might not like the same things.  

Freshmen Eric and Tomas Grap are identical, and, unlike some other twins, they are both similar, not just by genes, but by interests as well. 

“We like the same things, and we play the same sports. We both do wrestling,” Tomas and Eric explained. “We don’t usually argue, but we fight for fun,” Eric stated 

Sometimes, twins like to play with each other, even play fight, which could confuse or anger the parents, but Tomas would agree and disagree with that.  

“Yeah. We fight a lot. Sometimes we play fight,” he stated. Despite the fact they fight at times, they help each other out, too 

For example “We help each other out on homework,” Eric said. 

Eric and Tomas would also agree that their lives would very different if they didn`t have each other.   

“Yes. I think it`s cool being a twin. It`s fun. If I was an only child, people won`t know me as Tomas`s brother,” Eric shared. 

“Yeah. It`s cool to have someone there. It`ll be a lot different because he`s always there with me,” Tomas shared.  

At CHS, there are some teachers who are also identical twins as well. English teacher Greg Hill is one, much like Ms. Voss. They each agree that they are different from their twin despite their physical similarities.  

“We have the same values and big families, but he’s a conservative (type of Republican), but we were always linked together as one,” Mr.Hill shared.   

Ms. Voss shares a similar story. 

“We are both active, outgoing and nice, and love a lot of the same things. We do have a lot of physical features that are a lot different now due to surgeries and accidents. My twin broke her back thre times and had a spinal fusion at age 10, so she’s an inch shorter than me,” Ms. Voss explained. “She likes to do weight lifting competitions and I like to do triathlons.”  

Sometimes, twins even argue and fight with each other.  

“Yes. We argue a lot, especially about politics.” Mr.Hill shared. 

Ms. Voss would disagree with this.  

We never argue or fight. We usually talk things out.” she shared.  

Although they have few or many differences, both teachers agree that their lives wouldn`t be the same if they didn`t have their twin by their side. 

“It`s wonderful to have a sibling who has the same age and basic experiences as you. I would never want to be an only child because if so, I wouldn`t have three beautiful nieces,” Mr. Hill stated.  

Other CHS twins are fraternal; these are formed when two different eggs are each fertilized by a different sperm, Fraternal twins have the same genes as any other siblings would. 

Fraternal twins, like regular siblings have different personalities and likings, not just different physical features.  

Sophomores Krista and Kayla Martin are fraternal twins, and they would agree that they are very different. 

“Honestly, we’re not really similar. Like she’s more athletic, and I’m more artsy, so that’s like a big differing factor,” Kayla stated. “I mean we really don’t have anything in common besides like obviously some traits, but not personality wise.” 

Krista elaborated on what her sister explained. 

“We’re different because I’m more outgoing and I talk more than she does and she’s really shy around other people,” Krista explained. “But we’re similar because we think the same things, it’s just I’ll say them out loud, and if we were at home, we’d end up saying the same thing at the same time.” 

Although the Martin twins have many differences, both girls agree that their lives would be completely different if they didn’t have each other.  

“[My life] would be really boring because I hate to be by myself, so I always need someone to interact with and half the time I’ll just go and sit in her room with her and chill.” Krista explained. 

Both are always there for each other for companionship. 

“I would probably be a little lonelier,” Kayla stated. “Because the age gap between me and my older sister is so big that like if I’m at home and I don’t have plans or something, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to and it would be so sad.” 

English teacher Cait Abbott and physics teacher Danika Ford would agree that they have more differences than similarities with their fraternal twins. 

“I’m a teacher in math and science here in Catonsville, and she is an advertiser. Also, I like sports and she doesn’t,” Ms. Ford stated. “We also fight frequently, especially when we were younger, but not as much now, and my sister usually calls me the evil twin.” 

Ms. Abbott feels the same way. 

“We went to the same college and we played field hockey there, so we were similar with what we did outside of school, but other than that we’re mostly different,” Ms. Abbott explained. “I mean we’re both kind of chatty, but she’s very outgoing, and I’m like not as much. We have things in common, but I don’t think we look alike and we’re in different professions so we’re pretty different.” 

Despite these differences, these teachers agree that their lives would be very different if they didn`t have their twin by their side. 

“I can’t even imagine,” Ms .Ford said. “We were in everything together, except sports. We also went to the same classes together. We always check on each other as well. When I had surgery a few years ago, she came to the hospital to help me. Even now, we talk and text every day.” 

“Everything would be different,” Ms .Abbott explained. “We did everything together while growing up, we played the same sports and we were in the same classes for a little while, so I think everything would be [different] and then I’d be an only child and I can’t imagine that.” 

Someone who is a twin could not even imagine how life would be if they didn’t have their other half or if they were born an only child. Some people wish that they were a twin themselves. It’s not just an amazing experience, but also a touching friendship and relationship that lasts a lifetime.