Have Fun in the Dead of Winter

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Have Fun in the Dead of Winter

Jami Citko and Vicki Zhang

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You watch the clock. Anticipation overwhelms you. 2018 is nearly over. The clock strikes midnight; finally, 2019 has begun. When you wake up the next morning, however, you feel less than lively. 

It might be the new year, but January isn’t exactly the most exciting month, and cold weather prevents a lot of preferred activities. According to Lovin Dublin, being used to eating junk food over the holidays, having spent all your money on Christmas, and dealing with bad weather are just a few reasons why you might already be feeling down at the start of this year. 

“I think after having excitement in December we are all looking for something exciting to do but we are at the same time kind of tired, so it’s going to lead to that sluggishness. The hard part is we are nearing the end of the quarter at the same time for students, so the trap is to not feed into those feelings and have it negatively affect your grade,” psychology teacher Yetta Nowak explained. “Keep your eye on the goal of what we want to try to accomplish.” 

CHS students have certainly experienced this phenomenon. 

“I hate January. It’s cold and boring, and there’s nothing to look forward to, and it’s very stressful because all the teachers put everything in January and February,” expressed sophomore Paige Peercy. 

But don’t fret—this sickness has remedies. Though they may not come as easily as summer fun, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these drab winter months.  

Many students, for example, enjoy playing winter sports for fun in the cold because they are only available during the winter season. 

“Skiing/snowboarding, snow tubing, ice-skating…are fun and allow for some amazing views,” senior Amanda Barber expressed. 

Snow allows for an even wider variety of outdoor activities. 

“You could make a snowman or throw snowballs…it is very entertaining to compete to see who builds the better snowman or who will surrender,” senior Lauren Pollock described. 

Other students believe the cold weather should serve as an excuse to catch up on their school work. 

“Since it is cold and you cannot really go outside, you can do your homework from school and should do extra work to study to use up your time,” freshman Jeff Chen expressed. “Then, after you are done with everything and have nothing to do during the winter since it is cold, just relax!” 

Some students do not like cold weather and would prefer to stay cozy during the winter season. 

“I’m not a big fan of the cold, so doing things inside, close to heat, brings me enjoyment,” senior Sadie Marks explained. 

Though they might seem boring at first glance, classic winter activities provide some needed relaxation during the school year. 

“I just drink hot cocoa and chill on the couch and watch movies,” junior Logan Loza described. “It’s relaxing and gives your mind a break from other things.” 

Some even turn to more creative uses of their time. 

“I watch dramas…I do DIY crafts like paper crafts…sometimes I drive around for no reason for stress relief,” senior Vy Nguyen expressed. 

One surprisingly beneficial indoor activity is sleeping. 

“I like to sleep during the cold because it’s good for your eyes and mind,” senior Maria Christian stated.  

According to Accuweather, winter affects your sleep and causes people to desire more rest. During the winter, the lack of light increases the body’s amount of melatonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It makes sense that many students use the cold winter months as an opportunity to catch up on sleep. 

“Melatonin is going to get released on days where there is not as much sun, so it does make us sleepier. We are biologically fighting what we want to do. We want to be able to sleep a little bit more and get more rest,” Ms. Nowak described.  

Despite the lack of events in January (and innate sluggishness), there are still several activities within reach if you’re feeling bored or stressed-out. Whether you’re more interested in outdoor sports or indoor relaxation, there’s plenty of fun and relaxation to be had.