Day In the Life of T.O

Zayd Zaghari, Staff

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Teron Owens is a Behavioral Interventionist, a counselor who helps mentor different students who have a variety of social and school issues. Mr. Owens, or T.O as they call him, has been serving the CHS community for many years now and his kids have also attended the school.  

“I love my job, I honestly do. To help out these kids who just seem to be lost in life really brightens my day.” He remarked. 

A typical day, for Mr. Owens involves getting to his office and answering any requests or questions people have for kids that he mentors. He walks around the building making sure kids are in class doing their work and counsels kids privately who seem uneasy about their private or school life. 

T.O started this job to help struggling kids. 

“I’m very mission driven. The ability to reach out to someone in a time of need is very important to me,” T.O. remarked. 

Many other faculty members are pleased with T. O’s work, especially Principal Matt Ames.  

“I love his job and what he’s doing. Whenever teachers have issues with a kid, he’s always there to help them out and prevent loss of instructional time for the teacher. He also graduated from here and lives here, so it’s great that he’s local.” 

Other students had positive comments towards him as well.  

“I love him to death for real. He’s always helping young kids out and he’s an extremely great mentor I don’t know what I would do without him,” junior Kevin Spruill stated. 

As the school year marches onward, Teron Owens will continue to work with kids in order to help them be, do, and create their best.