Winter Wonder Week: A Second Spirit Week!

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Winter Wonder Week: A Second Spirit Week!

Vicki Zhang and Darius Walters

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Breaking news! The Student Government created a brand-new, second Spirit Week for the holidays called the Winter Wonder Week.  

The teacher in charge of this association is business and tech ed teacher Summer Miller.  

“We had heard of other schools talking about a holiday Spirit Week at the General Assembly, and we just thought it would be good for some school morale and spirit before the holiday,” Ms. Miller explained.  

Monday is “Baby, Its Cold Outside” Day, where students will dress up in their warmest outfits, including winter hats, scarves, and fuzzy socks.  

Tuesday is Holiday Movie Character Day. There are so many characters to choose from, but for security reasons, masks are not allowed.  

Wednesday is “Winter Wonderland” Day. Many people are wishing for a white Christmas, so individuals should wear gold, silver, and white.  

Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day where students and teachers can wear their favorite ugly holiday sweater, vest, or shirt.  

Lastly, Friday is Flannel Friday. People can wear a favorite flannel shirt to school on this day.  

Some students are thrilled for this new festive Spirit Week. 

“I love the cold, and I think this is a great way to show spirit for the winter,” sophomore Milan Eagle stated.  

Senior Vy Nguyen is also delighted for this upcoming event. 

“I actually feel excited for the Winter Wonder Spirit Week since winter is my favorite season,” Nguyen asserted. 

Many students admire certain themes of the Spirit Week but have opinions on alternative themes.  

“The Holiday Movie Character Day sounds really fun because it’s like Halloween part 2. Overall, I think the idea of having a holiday Spirit Week is brilliant, but some days could have been better,” senior Hamzah Syed stated.   

On the other hand, others think this event is just extra and unnecessary because it is very common. 

“It’s stupid, to be honest. People dress like that every day,” senior Mya Darden described. 

Numerous teachers are looking forward to this new event as well.  

“I love seeing people dressed up and showing their spirit for the school. I think the idea of having another spirit week is really nice, and we should have more seasonal spirit weeks to show spirit and support to our spring sports teams,” art and photo teacher Jessica Voss said.