Avengers ‘Infinity War’: Is It Really That Good?

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Avengers ‘Infinity War’: Is It Really That Good?

Jack Corcoran, Staff

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The most anticipated Marvel movie since the original Avengers movie has arrived, as Infinity War has arrived with a ton of hype thanks to its ensemble cast and marketing. People certainly got swept up in the hype, as it has made $258 million in its opening weekend, smashing past all the records, even Marvel’s own Black Panther movie. However, does it live up to the hype?

Well, for hardcore fans of Marvel movies, it does not disappoint. The movie does an incredible job of weaving in and out of different plot points, as well as giving equal importance to the major characters like Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Captain America, and integrating what once seemed a separate Marvel universe, that of Guardians of the Galaxy. Developing a character only introduced in other films is Josh Brolin as the villain Thanos; Brolin does a terrific job voicing the god, and the CGI for the character is terrific, capturing Thanos’ full emotional range.

Now, let’s talk about Thanos. Everyone knows that the best villains have reasons behind the things that they do, and the best villains allow the audience to identify with them, even in their own sort of twisted way. Thanos does this, and more. He has reasons for why he does what he does, and why he is on a quest to be the most powerful man in the galaxy—he is a real villain, not just Bond-movie-esque villainy for villainy’s sake.

Also, the movie is funny. Not like nerdy obscure reference funny, but like actual funny. There are funny references to other Marvel movies, as well as some hilarious pop culture references and insults. For example, there was an exchange between Peter Quill and Thor near the middle of the movie that got laughs throughout the entire exchange.

However, the main flaw in this movie is that it relies far too much on the thinking that their audience has seen all the Marvel movies. They do not flesh out the characters too much in the movie itself, instead relying on the backstories that were established in the movies prior, possibly due to such a large ensemble cast. For hardcore Marvel fans, that strategy works out fine; but for casual fans looking for an easy action flick, it will leave them confused as they really don’t know what is happening.

The movie is great. The fact that Marvel was able to get a cast of this size to be in a movie of this magnitude is frankly amazing. They do run into issues with how many heroes are in this movie, particularly in fleshing out the characters, but other than that, they don’t let the sheer number of characters muddy the story too much. The movie ends with a shocking cliffhanger, leaving fans waiting for when Avengers 4 comes out in 2019.

GRADE: 9/10