A Student’s Guide to Water Bottles

Evan Pappas, Staff

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In CHS, water bottles are a very popular item and can serve as a statement about someone’s sense of style.  Almost every student carries around a water bottle, from an old plastic bottle, to an expensive Yeti or Swell. The question is; Which is the best? Is it better to just carry around an old bottle or is it wiser to splurge on an expensive drinking vessel? 

Bisphenol, or BPA is a major concern, as it is found in many water bottles. Some bottles are now BPA free, but many contain the harmful chemical still.  

“BPA has been shown as toxic in humans in previous studies. For example, the substance is known to be disruptive to the endocrine system, or the hormonal system, through the thyroid gland,” explained Newstatesman.com.  

It is a good idea to stay away from reusing or using plastic bottles at all. They can be very bad for health, and are economically and environmentally harmful. It is much cheaper to buy a water bottle and reuse it, opposed to buying a new water bottle every use. Plastic water bottles are also very bad for the environment, and reusable ones have little to no effect.  

” I used to carry about these plastic water bottles I would get in the lunch line, and just reuse them. Then my mom got me this cool thermos, and I carry around whatever I want in it,” sophomore Rohan Akundi said. 

When deciding what kind of water bottle to get, one must first decide what they want to use it for. Do you want a bottle to hold coffee and to sip at your desk, or a bottle to hold water or Gatorade at a sporting event? Whatever your purpose, there are many bottles to choose from. 

” I only use my bottle for my games. It holds about 36 oz of water last time I checked, and it’s all I need for about an hour of play,” said freshman Nick Eiswert.  

A good water bottle for carrying water to sporting events or during the school day is the Nalgene Wide mouth. It is BPA free, and carries 32 ounces of water. The bottle has a convenient strap attached to the cap so you won’t lose it.  

“The Nalgene Wide Mouth water bottle holds 32 ounces of water and fits in most packs’ side water bottle holders. It’s dishwasher safe, BPA-free and can loop onto a backpack strap or a purse. The lid locks on with a leakproof design and the entire bottle is said to be impact resistant. The bottle is 8.25 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide and weighs 6.25 ounces,” reported Tripsavvy.com.  

If you’re looking for more of a thermos, there are also good options. One of the best thermoses on the market this year is the Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum Insulated water bottle. It has many options in size and color, and sports a vacuum sealed double wall feature, keeping hot liquids hot, and cool ones cool.  

“I have a Hydro Flask that I use all the time. It carries a bunch of liquid, and keeps things cold for so long. If I go to bed with ice in my bottle it will be there in the morning,” described sophomore Brooke Nelson.  

There are many water bottles to function how you want, but if you’re looking to have a water bottle that looks good too, it can be harder to find. Luckily, manufacturers are now making their bottles with many colors and silhouettes. Personal preference does have a lot to do with which water bottle one person with like more than another, but simplistic bottles with a choice of color are generally the most popular. 

Yeti brand water bottles do a great job of mixing function with aesthetics, and they have many silhouettes to choose from. A good yeti with simplistic features is the rambler tumbler. It has options for colors, and a twist off cap to avoid spillage.  

“YETI is known for its coolers, and, as noted, the company calls the Rambler Tumblers “personal drink coolers.” They are made of 18/8 stainless steel with vacuum-insulated walls that regulate ambient liquid temp inside. The BPA-free plastic lid snaps onto the top of the 20oz or 30oz version of the cup,” according to Gear Junkie.  

There are tons of water bottles to choose from, but many have steep prices of up to $100. Don’t let this shy you away from getting a quality water bottle, as many brands have reasonable prices. Contigo makes a stainless-steel mug, which is good for a cup of coffee in the morning, or to carry a good amount of water. It goes for around $13 on Amazon, which is a very good deal.  

“I have a Contigo bottle that I love. I take it with me to school in the mornings and its perfect for a good size cup of coffee,” explains freshman Erika Landree. 

The key to a good water bottle is finding the right bottle you won’t regret buying. Make sure to consider the function, aesthetics, and price of the perfect bottle for you.