The Promising Generation


Taylor Campbell, Guest Writer

Generation Z is in a sad state of affairs. Most of us are wandering aimlessly through life, not knowing what to do or who we want to become until we’re shoved out the door. This being said, we still carry around our half-fulfilled dreams and our hope that one day we will be a generation worth remembering. What outsiders don’t see is the potential our generation has to do amazing things. Every one of us was born with the vitality, the creativity, and the ingenuity to remedy our deeply flawed world. But older generations are deliberately barring us from nurturing our gifts. Sure, it’s easy to walk up to a teenager and tell them, “Put yourself out there.” You’re just trying to motivate them, right?

But when the system as a whole is working against us, and your flimsy platitudes fall flat from your papery lips; when the angel on your shoulder is just as lost as you are; when you realize the devil on your shoulder is mimicking what adults have drilled into your head all your life; when your feeble attempts at self-expression are mocked by older generations who went their entire lives repressing whatever their society deemed shameful or unnatural; when you are stripped of your self-worth but then shunned for pursuing materialistic goals; when you realize you have no huge plans for your future because you’re so caught up living one day to the next along whichever path school is pulling you; when your peers tell you college is a scam, but adults refuse to let you have an opinion without a degree; when you try distancing yourself from the depressing political sphere and are shunned for being “too fragile”; when you test the waters of politics but are silenced by obnoxious hollers of “Fake news!”; when your world is burning alive, yet your cries for help are dismissed as so-called “liberal propaganda”; when you realize that more and more noise is being made but no one is actually listening; when you submit yourself to the deafening silence of an empty auditorium–  then you will understand why it’s impossible to put ourselves out there.

I’m taking this time to set the record straight about Generation Z. We are not lazy bums; we are discouraged from taking a stand, so we sit and watch the world go up in flames. We are not reckless partiers; we are struggling to cope with a romantic past, an overbearing present, and an unclear future, so we make our best memories while we can. We are not addicted to technology; we are educating ourselves and building deeply human bonds through a digital medium, so that when it’s time for us to take center stage, our script will be ready, and we can finally use our voice. In the mean time, allow my generation some wiggle room, for goodness sake, and give us a moment or two to speak our minds; perhaps then you’ll regain the trust of your emotionally estranged sons and daughters.