Soon It Will Be Our Turn to Inherit the World

Ukamaka Ozed-Williams, Guest Writer

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Generation Z, my generation, lives in an era of rapid, positive change that we’re ready to contribute to. Yet, as we attempt to absorb the constant barrage of information thrown at us, we’re called lazy slackers and sloppy tech addicts. This world of skyscrapers and Cloud storage has such lofty expectations of us, so perhaps it’s easy to say, “Try harder.” But when you take all the AP classes and join all the Honor Societies, but know college doesn’t guarantee you a career or success; when Google and Siri are the only adults willing to sincerely answer all your questions, even the dumbest and uncomfortable ones; when you’re always on the lookout for the latest tech so you don’t fall behind your peers and aren’t rejected by your friends; when you’re criticized for wearing ripped jeans, but you’re precocious for wearing heels and make up; when you have access to entertainment in Asia, foods in Africa, and politics in Europe, yet are still considered unworldly; when the anthem of your age group was once a song preaching against suicide; when it takes hashtag platform on social media for your government to acknowledge the humiliation women suffer in the workplace; when you’re encouraged to be the driving force of the industry, but are also being told that industry is killing the planet; when you grow up in a time where school shootings are barely news, but the pattern on the Prime Minister’s socks makes headline; when you read threats of nuclear warfare, exchanged by the leaders of two powerful countries, in tweets of 40 words or less; when you’re told to build your own identity and find our own truths in a society that’s always telling you what think, say, and do—then you will understand why it’s so hard to keep trying. We’re the generation reared in an age of fake news, false promises, and faulty logic. The world is rapidly changing, and it’s all we can do to stay steadfast in our ideals and not be swept away. We won’t be chastened by what the previous generations think of us; after all, we’re the generations who shakes off the haters. It may be hard to keep trying, but it’ll soon be our turn to inherit the world. Using the information and technology we have at our fingertips, we have big ideas to make the world a better place.