Debt Trails Follow Graduates

Joshebel Abase, Guest Writer

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                If we consider the amount of money that college costs for current students, there is a guarantee that they’ll be paying loans for most of their lives, which is ridiculous. A typical public college tuition costs 10,000 dollars (College). 10,000 dollars is just a rough estimate. They also have the burden of paying for books, room and boarding, and bare necessities that human beings need to function. Also take in to consideration that it’s 10,000 dollars per year, averaging to 40,000 dollars just to earn a bachelor’s degree. Many who pursue a degree intend to gain a master’s degree, requiring additional years of school. Most students can’t afford the sticker price for college, and many resort to loans that acquire crazy amounts of interest that they’ll be paying for the rest of their lives. Even after beginning to work, many experience unfair circumstances that make it difficult to manage their loans. To illustrate, women have been experiencing gender pay gaps that prevent them from making progress towards their loans (Lake). When you have taken out so many loans so that you can have a high paying job, it’s frustrating to learn that you’re not even making enough money to sustain your loans. As an ambitious high school junior, I’m constantly being flooded with questions about college. I may have a dream college in mind, but the sad reality is that it will forever and always be just a dream. I’m already exhausting my mind and body just to earn a scholarship to any college in the state. Not only am I planning to go to college, but I want to pursue a medical career that requires medical school. My body is filled with nauseating fear when I think about all the money trailing behind me just so that I can receive the education needed to become what I want.