Comet Culture Points out the Problems of JUUL

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Comet Culture Points out the Problems of JUUL

Samantha Meek, Staff

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Cigarettes, cigars, vaping, and now JUUL?  In early October, Comet Culture came to each class during homeroom to talk about the problems of JUUL and how it has created a negative impact on teenagers’ health and development. 

It is a product many, mostly teenagershave become attracted to its sleek design, easy-to-use pods, and different flavors. The product frequently contains 5% of liquid nicotine, containing just as much as a pack of cigarettes and much more than even e-cigarettes. 

“It`s a huge problem. Students are bypassing smokingand JUUL is worse because kids feel like it`s safe,” health teacher Nancy Bauer explained. 

Ms. Bauer also pointed out that kids who start using JUUL and other vaping products will eventually start using cigarettes.  

Comet Culture leader and senior Cathy Wang explains how it has affected the environment inside and outside of school due to the powerful fumes and pods around the schooland the health risks that will harm many students.  

“I think it`s creating a very big problem in our school because during our lesson, people are giving out a lot of their personal experiences about JUUL and the fumes that they`ve encountered, like in the bathroom and leftover pods they left behind around our campus and how it affects all of our grades,” Wang exclaimed. 

Outside of school, numerous commercials even talk about how cigarettes changed their lives in a negative view and explain how JUUL became a beneficial turn around for them.  

Before JUUL, there were e-cigarettes, which have some similarities to JUUL since JUUL is also a vaping product. JUUL, however, contains more liquid nicotine than even e-cigarettes. According to the website, Best of Sno, e-cigarettes were linked to the rise of lung disease and twelve deaths. Of frequent users, 16% who use these dangerous products are under 18. 

JUUL has many similar effects to our body, like all other products that contain nicotine. They can affect: 

  • Brain Development-creates addiction due to brain not being fully developed, lowers impulse control, and creates mood disorders 
  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure 
  • Seizures 
  • Create damage to the lungs, affecting your breathing 
  • Create heart problems, including heart disease and heart attacks 
  • Birth defects (Toxic to the fetus of a future mother) 
  • Increased risks of blood clots 
  • Tooth damage 

“It also causes addiction, which is one of JUUL`s biggest problems,” Ms. Bauer explained. 

One student on the website Bestofsno proclaimed he wanted to quit JUUL, but due to his dependency on JUUL that he had since sophomore year, he was frightened. He has been addicted to it and it has taken over his whole life and plans.  

Don`t let this become your future if you continue to depend on JUUL. There`s still a chance and hope for those who wish to quit, and if you need help trying to quit, talk to someone: a parent, psychologist, or anyone who knows and understands what you are going through.