Toby’s ‘Little Mermaid’- Worth the Watch


Savanna Loverde, Staff

Are you a person who loves musicals? If so, then Toby’s Dinner Theater is the place for you. Toby’s Dinner Theater is a restaurant that combines a buffet-style eating environment with the performance of a musical.  

While watching the musical “The Little Mermaid, the audience didn’t expect the performance to be as amazing as it was. A lot of people rave about Toby’s and the shows that they put on, so the show was bound to be good; however, the show ended up exceeding the audience’s expectations. The show felt like a professional Broadway show because of how professional the actors and actresses were, no matter if it was an actor or actress who played one of the main roles or was an extra, they all worked hard to put on a thrilling show.  

The actress who played as Ariel portrayed the character perfectly, showing the character’s quirky and curious sides. The same goes for the actor who played as Eric, who showed the character’s brave yet lovable side. The actor who portrayed Sebastian was hilarious and spoke in the perfect accent for the part. He had the whole audience cracking up the entire time, using sarcasm and acting as jumpy and scared as the character did in the movie.  

The other characters were also portrayed wonderfully by the outstanding actors and actresses. Everybody who performed in the show had such beautiful voices, and they sounded like they could all be in a professional Broadway show. 

The props they used in the show looked as though they came from the actual movie. The costumes looked almost identical to the outfits the cartoon characters wore. The tails on all the mermaid costumes; however, look a little weird at first, but they start grow on you as the show continues. 

This musical is most definitely a family friendly show. Kids of all ages, along with adults, will be sure to love it. Toby’s Dinner Theater puts a twist on your average dinner and a show. Overall, “The Little Mermaid” was an outstanding show.  

Although “The Little Mermaid”, isn’t being performed anymore, there are many other exciting shows coming up such as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Grease,” “Mamma Mia!”, The Bodyguard,” “A Christmas Story,” and “Kinky Boots. 

Before the show begins, the waiters/waitresses, who were also actors/actresses in the show, came around to get drink orders, and they gave the audience the choice to get a salad from the salad bar or not. They then called each table’s number in groups to go pick their food from the buffet.  

They have a good amount of options for you to choose from such as baked pasta, pork loin, rosemary chicken, tilapia, a carving station with roast beef, ham, and turkey, roasted red potatoes, rice, spinach phunque, and many more. They also have an ice cream bar for dessert, along with other assorted desserts.  

The service was amazing, as the staff made sure everybody got to get up and get their food as fast as possible. When we ordered our drinks, they brought them to us in a quick and timely fashion, and the waiters/waitresses were eager to answer questions about both the dinner and their roles in the show.  

Knowing that your waiter or waitress is going to star in the show you’re about to watch is also very cool and interesting. After everybody has received their food, they wheel the buffet away to reveal the floor that the show will be performed on. 

Overall, the experience at Toby’s Dinner Theater was outstanding and I would one hundred percent recommend that you go to Toby’s Dinner Theater to see a show with your friends and family as soon as possible.