I Will No Longer Attend Sports Events in the City

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I Will No Longer Attend Sports Events in the City

Cameron McHugh, Staff

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Recently, attendance at sports events in the city, even among those who actively enjoy visiting the city for sporting events, has been in decline. For example, the Ravens home playoff game against the Los Angeles Chargers still had over 1,000 seats left to sell in the days leading up to the game, even with the team going 6-1 over their last 7 games. The Orioles also only averaged 19,311 fans per game in 2018, according to www.baseball-reference.com. Although the team went an abysmal 47-115, die-hard fans of the team continued their support for the rebuilding club. But increasingly the question is: Is it worth it to attend live games in Baltimore City? 

In previous years, I regularly attended both Ravens and Orioles games along with other sporting events in the city. I have now stopped as I don’t believe that the benefits of watching the games live is worth venturing into the city. Games are much more accessible from home, and they also do not involve the risk that comes with going downtown. From the comfort of my home, I can easily access any games that I want on any device of my choosing. If I want to watch a game on my phone, I can do it effortlessly. 

Watching games from home also allows for fans to view their favorite teams without having to go down to the stadiums. There is no need to argue over parking spots, worry about poor weather, or even leave your house. The weather is never a problem, and the view is always good. 

Prices have also become a factor in my decision to no longer attend events in the city. Nearly every year, both teams raise their ticket prices even if the teams do not have success. The cheapest tickets available for the Ravens are currently around $70-$80 even though the team just made the playoffs for the first time in multiple years. 

These prices don’t even include that cost of concessions downtown. Concession prices are also very expensive and could end up costing another $15-$20 by the end of the day. This could cause diehard fans such as myself to not attend multiple games in a short period of time in an effort to save money. For transport, one has to either pay $10-$25 to park or come up with the cost for Uber or the Lightrail. 

All of these factors, among others, have caused me to make the hard decision to no longer attend events held in downtown Baltimore. But this biggest factor this: The city of Baltimore, a city of 618,385residents, had 309 homicides in 2018, one of the highest numbers in the entire country. This has caused me to make my decision–I will no longer attend ANY events in Baltimore City as long as crime problems persist.