Smash Brothers Reaches for the Ultimate

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Smash Brothers Reaches for the Ultimate

Darius Walters, Staff

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The ultimate Super Smash Brothers experience has arrived. The newest entry into this long-running series is truly the ultimate experience for veterans who have been playing since Melee or even the Nintendo 64 title, but it also is accessible to newcomers. The game features every single character and almost all stages from Smash Bros’ history.  

But what’s new with this edition of Smash? Along with every character, there are some new and exciting ones to join the party. This smaller cast of newcomers to the whopping 74-character roster includes: 

Inkling from Splatoon 

Ridley, the villain from the Metroid series 

The Belmont brothers from Castlevania 

Isabelle, from Animal Crossing 

The Pokémon, Insineroar 

King K.rool from Donkey Kong Country 


There is also a cast of characters that the development team would refer to as an “echo fighter.” These are characters that are based on other, existing characters including: 



Dark Samus 



Ultimate is a game chock-full of modes that capitalize on the idea that “Everyone is Here,” meaning all the characters from the Smash universe are present in the game. 

 Ultimate has captured the “spirit” of the Nintendo Smash franchise and is a celebration of the history of gaming as a whole through the new adventure campaign known as World of Light. This mode sees the entire starting roster wiped out and possessed by “spirits” of Nintendo and third-party characters of all types. Collectible stickers give you an advantage by providing stat boosts and items that represent that character.  

The game also adds depth to the series regular classic mode. This is where the player fights a series of characters leading up to a boss at the end. In this installment, however, the player is in fights that relate to the chosen character in some way. This results in some character-exclusive boss battles, like Mario fighting Bowser and Link fighting Ganon. 

The attention to detail, when it comes to representing so many video games, is truly impressive. This makes the celebration of video game history a joy to experience if you are a big fan of anything Nintendo. 

The game’s online modes have been reworked. Instead of having a few types of Smash matches like Free-for-all, Team Battle, For Fun and For Glory, players can now set their own preferred rules and will be matched will players with similar rulesets in Quickplay. This makes the online experience more tailored to individual likes.  

The overall charm of Nintendo and the entire Super Smash Bros series is present in Ultimate. The game creates endless possibilities with so many options and details that please any player; the number of choices throughout makes for endless fun.