The Homecoming Review

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The Homecoming Review

Katrina Bucher, Staff Writer

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The elegant masquerade- themed homecoming dance took place on Saturday, November in the CHS cafeteria. While homecoming ticket sales were through the roof, did the dance actually deliver in terms of fun and memories? 

Tickets this year were twenty dollars, which was already enough of a reason for some students to decide not to go.  That doesn’t include the extra costs of refreshments sold at the dance. 

Junior Kaylee Hillard didn’t bring enough money to the dance, and it put a damper on the mood. 

“After dancing for hours, I just wanted a drink, but I didn’t have any cash on me. I figured if I was already paying twenty dollars at least drinks would be provided,” stated Hillard. 

The music was also a let-down for most of the night. While there was the occasional current hip-hop song, there was a lot of EDM style music. 

Sophomore Nate Frenkel was not pleased with the music choices. 

“There was so much mindless EDM, it got boring really quickly. I wish they had played more current songs that everyone knew the words to. I also never got to recommend a song, which was really annoying,” explained Frenkel. 

However, the catering was a huge hit. The SGA, due to popular demand, ordered Chick Fil A, and made a meal deal that included a sandwich, chips, and water only for $5. 

Student Government Association board member Morgan Waltz was very happy with the reaction to Chick Fil A. 

“I know people were upset about the cost of food, but I think the Chick Fil A really won everyone over, and the meal price was a deal you couldn’t beat,” stated Waltz. 

But the night did not ensue without a little bit of danger. In the middle of the dance, there was a beer bottle thrown into the main crowd of dancers, smashing all over the floor. Many girls had decided to take off their heels, so it was especially scary. The floor was evacuated as the glass was cleaned up. 

Senior Ashleigh Jankowski remembers hearing the shattering of glass, and immediately leaving the dance floor. 

“My heels were really uncomfortable, so I took them off to dance. I was terrified when I saw the beer bottle fly into the center of the floor, and I rushed to my shoes and found my friends. We left after that.  I hope they found who threw it,” recalled Jankowski. 

While the Homecoming may not have gone off without a hitch, it was still an enjoyable experience for most in attendance.  

Junior Charlotte Schaech made memories she will never forget and urged people who have never gone to the dance to give it a try. 

“My friends and I took pictures at the photo booth, danced for hours, and got to dress up. We had an awesome time, and I hope everyone ignores the reputation of Homecoming and goes! It’s another high school memory that people don’t take advantage of,” encouraged Schaech.