‘Peppermint’ Creates Controversy

'Peppermint' Creates Controversy

Savanna Loverde, Staff

Walking into the theater to see the film Peppermint with my best friend, I didn’t know what to expect; I hadn’t seen any trailers for the movie and only knew what she had told me about it. The movie centers around a woman named Riley North, whose husband and daughter are killed in a brutal attack on the family while they’re at the carnival to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. When the system doesn’t help her and lets the murders go free without any punishment, Riley spends years in hiding, training to become an unstoppable force. She then plans and puts to action her personal brand of justice.  

The movie tries to promote empowerment, showing that a strong and independent woman can fight for herself and do anything a man can do. There are many scenes in the movie that get the audience to feel many different emotions. One minute, the movie pulls on your heart strings with its emotional aspects, and then gives you a feeling of intensity the next. 

Although the movie was action-packed and intense, there were also some aspects of the movie that many people disagreed with. It stereotyped Mexicans by making it look like they are all heartless people who brutally kill others, sell drugs, and only are in drug cartels. For example, at the beginning of the movie, they show the Mexicans brutally shooting and killing Riley’s husband and daughter through a drive by and laughing about it, showing no remorse for their actions.  

This was an especially touchy subject because of everything going on with the Mexican border and immigrants in the world right now. This aspect of the movie is racist and offend other people.  

Along with the racial aspect of the movie, there were also a few graphic bloody/gory scenes that were difficult to look at. If you’re not a person that can handle looking at blood, gross wounds, and other similar types of things, then this movie probably isn’t for you.  

In the movie, there was a scene when Riley is trying to fix one of her stab wounds by putting staples into the wound to stop the bleeding. This scene was very difficult for the audience to watch because of how graphic and gross the scene was. 

The audience never really learns much about Riley’s past, besides when her family gets brutally killed and how it leads her to where she ended up. Learning more about Riley’s past would’ve made the plot a little more interesting. The story also mainly just focuses on Riley’s revenge, which made the plot lack unique twists and thrills. 

Peppermint is not for everyone. Many people have many different opinions and views on the film, but, whether you enjoyed the movie and found it exciting or hated the movie and found it troubling, overall, Peppermint was a decent film and a modest thriller.