How about Bringing Back Study Hall?

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How about Bringing Back Study Hall?

Dexter Weinkam, Writer

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Study hall is a class or set amount of time in a school day where students do homework, study for a test, or get ready for the rest of their classes.  This time could be used to get work done that you are behind you or complete an essay you won’t have the time for after school. This time during the school day could be vital for the students’ success in high school.   

“I just don’t have enough time at my house to finish my work I need a little extra time and I would be all caught up,” sophomore Chase Bettick explained. 

Students would take this time to grind out their work because they know there will be no excuses. Students are going to get their work done in this time frame it doesn’t need to be a long period, maybe just thirty minutes a day. Students won’t be doing homework in classes anymore because they have time during school to do it.  

“I hate when students are doing other classes homework during my time to teach, they don’t learn anything, and they are not getting their work done in my class,” World History teacher Rich Weitkamp said. 

This will open lots of class time because students and teachers don’t have to stress about doing the homework on their own time. Without all the stress of homework, students will open their minds and engage fully in each class they enter. 

“I can never focus just on the class I’m in,” said junior David Plumer. “I always focus on whether I did my Math or English homework that is due next period.”  

Grades would see a positive change just by all the missing assignments being turned in, but students will also learn the material in the first place. This would be such an easy way to boost grades and improve what the students learns in a school day. 

With the minimal disadvantages such as 30 minutes less of learning, the positives are too large to ignore. The 30 min would be no more than 8 minutes out of each class to add an important part of the that would improve CHS drastically.  

Some people don’t believe in the class though. Assistant principal Christy Moore German worries that “students would just sleep or goof off with their friends, and it would be just like a second lunch for the students.”  

Although this is a valid point, you must trust your students to get their work done, and if they don’t do their work, there is no other excuse for the student.