Advance Your Academics During Summer


Nick Clancy and Li Chen

This year, school will be out on June 15 and does not start until September 4. This gives students about three months of summer vacation to use or to waste or to play or just to relax.

Some activities students can do over summer break include playing video games, hanging out with friends, going on vacation with their families, working for extra money, etc. Students all can spend their time differently which really all comes down to their hobbies and interests.

Some will use the time to train for sports teams.

“I’m going to play basketball over the summer to get prepared for basketball season next year,” said freshman Cameron Burch.

But while playing sports or hanging out with friends can be fun, it won’t help you become a better student when the school year inevitably starts again. It is good to take a break from school and just relax, but one of the best ways students

can spend their summer vacation is by advancing their academics. Students can get a head start on a certain subject or class to be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

“Strengthen your transcript, [taking classes] can help prepare you for college,” the website PrepScholar recommended.

Students also think taking time to learn new things over the summer is a great idea.

“I think it would be a good idea if someone wanted to learn more over the summer, because in the beginning of the year, you just review the stuff you learned last year,” said freshman Jada Harris. “You could maybe get ahead in a subject.” Concordia University of Portland claims that, “The average student loses roughly 2.6 months’ worth of knowledge during the typical three-month summer vacation” This means that teachers may have to spend up to 6 weeks reviewing old material from the previous school year before they can teach new material.

Taking summer classes or learning on your own could allow students to advance their knowledge without having to review when they get back to school.

“I feel like if you signed up for a class during summer that would be better because I don’t think you’re going to learn a lot on your own,” said freshman Bashiri Agyemang. There are several courses students can take. For example, CCBC offers a variety of courses that can earn students college credit, and Komodo has several tutoring options for the summer.

“I’m going to be taking classes at CCBC,” said Junior Devon Farfaras. “Summer classes are a good way to get your credits early.”

So, in extra month of summer, maybe put some time aside for studying and reviewing material, or maybe take a class to get your credits early, instead of going to the beach or playing videogames.