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Females are Still Not Treated as Equals

Riley Becker, Staff

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Some people might tell you that feminism is a dirty word or that feminism isn’t necessary, but women still face disadvantages in 2017 that men do not.

Women were only granted the right to vote 97 years ago. Roe v. Wade, the court case stating that abortion was legal in the first and second trimesters, occurred only 44 years ago.

Are we really expected to believe that sexism and discrimination against women has disappeared?

In The Atlantic’s “The Sexism of School Dress Codes,” Li Zhou writes about the ways girls are restricted and penalized much more heavily than boys. Many school dress codes don’t allow spaghetti straps, certain skirt or short lengths, or the showing of any undergarments.

However, when boys walk around school with their pants sagging, and there is an ability to see the majority of their underwear, they are not called out as often.

The sexualization of women is carried everywhere, even when it is not blatant. These dress codes are often practiced because they are “distracting.” Unfortunately, young girls are taught to cover themselves up “appropriately” instead of young boys being taught to be respectful towards girls and not be offended when they see a bra strap.

“The phrase ‘boys will be boys’ has created a terrible mentality, that men should never have to change themselves because they will always be that way,” said sophomore Cally McClure. “This teaches women that they should be the ones to change to fit men’s standards.” On, people have written that women don’t work as hard as men or that feminism doesn’t equal equality, though the exact definition of feminism involves the female fight for equality.

Sexism and the struggle for male and female equality are not the same as they were in the last 200 years, but we can still improve the future for little girls who think they can’t do anything that they want to.

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Females are Still Not Treated as Equals