A College Education is a Necessity

Eden Beyene, Staff Writer

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When kids are sweating in schools all across America, slaving over papers and straining their wrists on essays to seize the “A” they’ve been burning for all semester, it’s easy for them to slip into the thought: “Why am I even doing this?” Some kids have gotten tired of the routine of school. Some do not move on to college and some drop out in the midst of high school. This could hurt rather than help them because receiving college education is beneficial for many reasons.

One thing most people agree on is that a job is necessary to receive an income. The seemingly convoluted way to get a dream job can actually be quite simple. Getting a college education can make the difference in getting a good job.

It doesn’t take pages of statistics to realize that employers look for the most qualified person when hiring. In this situation, choosing between a high school graduate and a college graduate is an easy decision. College graduates have learned high level education that will help them in the workplace and therefore they appeal to employers. College graduates can also qualify for a variety of jobs and job levels because some occupations require certain degrees that high school graduates don’t posses.

Holding a college degree can also improve chances of job satisfaction. People can hold jobs for 20 to even 40 years. If one person is going to be spending so much time and effort at something, it better be something they enjoy. Occupations open to college graduates are higher paying and include “white collar” jobs, jobs in an administrative atmosphere, which are enough reasons to be satisfied with it.

When it comes to jobs, something that has an impact is the money.  According to the United States Census Bureau and CollegeAtlas.org employees with a high school diploma make about $32,000 a year while people with an associate’s degree make $42,000; this is a $10,000 difference with the lowest college degree possible. Going all the way to a PHD can supply a $63,600 and $100,000 annual income. Comparing these degrees to a high school diploma, people who solely have diplomas in a lifetime will make $1.3 million while people with advanced degrees make $2.7- $3.7 million.

Skeptics of college education claim it is too expensive. But $50,000 college education supplies an extra 1 million over a lifetime which a good compensation.

All of the facts of a college education come together to form an incredible opportunity students should embrace.