The Future of Comet Park: New Concession Stand

The Future of Comet Park: New Concession Stand

Ben Corcoran, Staff Writer

With the ending of the Fall Sports Season, it would seem that the new concession stand has been a big hit with the Comet fans who attend games. With new additions to the menu, new meal deals, and a new building, there is much to talk about regarding this new addition to the Comet Park buildings.

Compared to the starting menu from years in the past, there have been many additions to the Comet Park menu, including food such a french fries and new types of sandwiches. These new additions have been a big hit as I have seen many people with either one or the other or even both. Both, even if they are concession stand foods, are very good, and my favorite has to be the french fries. They are cooked very well, and they don’t taste too salty like other places I have gone to.

Another new addition to the Comet Park menu is the “meal deal,” where for a reduced price, you can get a sandwich and a side. The new concession stand still maintains its traditional food from years before, with food such as chicken patties, hamburgers, and hot dogs, but the new additions are very popular, being new and interesting. This definitely makes the new building a more interesting place; with the addition of new food and improved/cheaper prices, more people will buy food.

Along with the new menu, the Comet Concession stand has been given an entirely new building, with a much larger kitchen, a separate room for selling Comet apparel, and brand new bathrooms. The new building makes it much easier to order, with two separate windows to place orders, and the building is much so bigger in its new space and place. The two ordering  windows make lines shorter and faster-moving. This gives more space for the staff to move around, making room for a much bigger staff. A faster-moving line lets you get back to enjoying the game you’re there for. In the past, the stand was behind the bleachers, blocking one’s view of the game, a very unappealing spot. Lines often ran up the hill which could be muddy at times. The new spot is very open, with room for lines to form, and from every spot you can see the scoreboard or the field.

The best addition to the concession stand is the brand new bathrooms, things which have been much needed. The old bathrooms were run down and dirty, and they were also outside the stadium. The only bathrooms inside the stadium were three Port-a-Potties. Now, with the new bathrooms, there are much cleaner and more easily accessible to people at the stadium. Along with the new bathrooms, they are also heated. Fall is the season in which when the sun goes down; it gets very cold. With most Comet games being during the evening, it is bound to get cold, and, with nowhere to go, you just leave and go home. Now, with the new building, comes heat. Although the bathroom might not be the most ideal spot to hide from the cold, it is better than just going home. Everyone was anticipating new bathrooms, and now they’re here.

The main highlight of my experience of the 2013 Fall Sports Season was the new concession stand. With a bigger, better building, new bathrooms, and new food choices. It has been much anticipated for a while, and it did not fail to impress.