Books Recommendations Galore!


Haley Moreau, staff writer

Bored out of your mind? Want to read something that’s actually worthwhile? Well here are some books that are so fantastic, you’ll never want to put them down! And with the holidays coming around, they’ll  make a good holiday gift!

1. Under the Dome by Stephen King also has its own summer TV show on CBS (with the second season set to premiere in summer 2014.) The book revolves around the small New England town of Chester’s Mill, Maine. One fall day the town is unexplainably cut off from the rest of the world. Life in the town comes to a complete halt as the fight for survival begins. No one knows where or why the dome is here. The answers lie within ex-Iraq veteran Dale “Barbie” Barbara.  Barbie teams up with newspaper reporter/editor  Julia Shumway, and three teenagers to put a stop to a power-hungry, evil town councilman and his psychotic son. The time to figure it all out isn’t just short, it’s running out.  The book is 1,072 pages long, but it’s worth it ($12.22 at Barnes & Noble).

I am still currently reading the book; I love the book very much. Stephen King is a fantastic author in my opinion. I love the story plot, and the characters I find are well developed and interesting to read about their life ‘under the dome’. It can be a bit confusing at times when he is going from character to character, but he does it because there are many different plot lines that these characters are caught up in. The book can be political in some storylines (Well, you’re going to need someone to maintain order in a town that was completely shut off from the world.)  As a huge fan of the TV show and the book, I would suggest you go read it!

2. The book is Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher is about a shy and quiet high school boy, Clay Jensen. One day after school he comes home only to find a shoe-box on his front steps. The shoe-box contains seven cassette tapes that were recorded by his late classmate, Hannah Baker who recently passed away. Each side of the tape explains why she ended her life and how each of them played a role in it. Clay is one of 13 people who receive the tapes, and he gets an in-depth look into her emotional downward spiral. The book is fast-paced and a very emotional read. It really makes people take a step back and think about how we interact with others around us ($ 7.11 at Barnes & Noble).

I loved the book when I read it; I finished it within a couple of hours. The storyline is really good as well as the characters. Hannah’s legacy that she leaves is something that we all can learn from, for example; what we do and how it affects the people who considered “popular” or not. The book keeps you on your toes and keeps you reading. I would recommend the book, because it’s something that affects teenagers now.

3. If I Stay by Gayle Forman is another good book. It centers around Seventeen year old cellist, Mia Hall. Mia does not have any recollection of the accident that changed her whole entire life and put her into a coma. She has an out-of-body experience while in the hospital that makes her look back on her life with her boyfriend, friends and the rest of her family as she decides if she can bring herself to wake up from her coma and live a much more difficult life than she ever imagined or slip away and die leaving her loved ones ($ 9.99 at Barnes & Noble).

I loved this book as well. Mia is a very strong character, and a very loving one as you will see in her memories The Book is very emotional. It touches on all sorts of bases like Love, Life, Friendship, Grief, and Hope. The second book in the series, Where She Went is also just as good and very moving.

4. QB1 by Mike Lupica centers around Jake Cullen, the high school freshman quarterback of the high school football team in high-pressure Friday night Lights. His older brother Wyatt was the quarterback last season who brought the team to the Texas State Championship game and not to mention he follows in his father’s footsteps. Troy Cullen a former NFL quarterback. Although his teammates assume he’ll get his spot handed to him on a silver platter, the story goes into how Jake has to work for his spot just like all the rest of the team  ($ 14.93 at Barnes & Noble).

I have not read the book but, as of what I read in the summary, it sounds like a very good book. The story was inspired by the Manning Family (Super bowl winning brothers Peyton and Eli and their father, Archie). Any fan of football or the Manning’s may take interest into the book.

5. The final book is Gone by Michael Grant. In one moment, life can change forever. as every adult in the world disappears, the only people left are young ones. (Teens and children). Phones and internet have also disappeared with the adults, and there is no way to get help. Teens are starting to develop new and deadly powers which grow stronger with every passing day. People starts to take sides and a war is imminent. It’s the first in a saga ($ 9.99 at Barnes and Noble).

it sounds like a good book, I haven’t read the book but the storyline sounds interesting, since it’s in a dystopian setting, many fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent series may like this because of the universe it is in.