Halloween Fun


Jade Quinn, Staff Writer

Are you going trick or treating? Do you think you’re too old for Halloween? For many of us, trick or treating is simply a childhood memory. But, for some of us, it is still a fun (and free) activity.

“I still go trick or treating and I share the experience with my nephews because I love candy.” says senior Ashlynn Jackson.

Regardless of if you go trick or treating or even celebrate Halloween, it is fun to dress up in elaborate costumes.

“I was an Eskimo for Halloween last year, and I went trick or treating,” said junior Kayla Nelson. “ One lady gave me a quarter and said ‘This is for your college fund’.” Trick or treating with your friends will leave you with many fun memories regardless of your age.

So how old is too old for trick or treating?

“Thirty seven,” joked senior Alex Swan. “It gets a little creepy after a while.”

Many believe that any age over the age of twelve is too old, but that’s not true. It is okay to go trick or treating if you’re in high school. Some people may say “aren’t you a little too old to be trick or treating?”, but you still get candy and have a lot of fun.

Senior Kayla Welch plans to go trick or treating with her friend this Halloween.

“I’m hanging out with my friends and we’re dressing up as Miss America contestants. I’m going to be Miss California,” Welch explained.

It is a really good idea for seniors to go trick or treating because this is one of your last times to hang out with all of your friends at the same time before college sends you all separate ways.

“My friends and I are going to a costume party dressed up as characters from Grease.”, says senior Bella Willeboordse.

If you don’t want to go trick or treating this upcoming Halloween, there are many other fun activities you could do. For an example, you could turn your home into a haunted house or have a costume party. If you and your friends are in need of making money, you could easily post up flyers around your neighborhood offering to take children trick or treating for money in return. Another idea is dressing up and going to Chipotle. This Halloween, if you go to Chipotle dressed in a costume, you can have a meal for only three dollars. If none of these ideas are appealing, you can always do the typical scary movie marathon with your friends. They are always fun and don’t require too much effort.

Some of the most popular costumes for this year include dressing as minions and of course, Miley Cyrus. But, it is better to think outside of the box than to wear one of the most popular costumes. That’s what makes dressing up fun. Many people use the lack of extra cash as an excuse for not dressing up, but it is easy to make a costume. There are many easy and creative do-it-yourself tutorials for Halloween costumes on the internet that are cost efficient. Whatever you choose to do, take advantage of this time and have a great three day weekend!