Freshmen Visit Newseum


Sarah Buchman, Staff

Ninth-grader American Government students took a trip to Washington, DC to explore the Newseum in early AprilThe Newseum is an interactive museum that showcases free expression and the United States’ First Amendment as well as capture the evolution of communication. 

Students learned about constitutional rights of citizens and how people have adapted to new forms of communicating over time. The field trip was a great way to see real examples of governments around the world in action. 

Freshman Darcy Blottenberger was fascinated by the many photos from different time periods. 

“All of it, I thought was really cool. Just seeing the prime material that was taken during these times was really interesting,” she explained. 

Blottenberger would give the museum an “8 out of 10” and would love to go back. 

Freshman Cate McNamara enjoyed the First Dog exhibit. This shows all the presidents with their dogs, going all the way back to George Washington.  

McNamara and freshman Ella Hernan both thought the Berlin Wall exhibit was very interesting to see.  

“It was a big wall, with lots of drawing and words painting on by the citizens. It helped you picture the conflict in Berlin better,” McNamara commented.  

The museum also has virtual reality movies, with headphones and different scenes to pick from. People could experience different events in history or even at present-day sites. 

“I really felt like I was being attacked by a ginormous shark,” Hernan laughed.  

There is also lots on the Constitution and First Amendment court cases, timelines of events, and cool videos to explain how the rights are upheld and protected.  

“The videos were really helpful in explaining the rights, and they gave you a better perspective of how citizens have used and fought to have these rights,” said freshman Sophia Mahle.  

Students enjoyed going out to learn about our government ,and how people communicate around the world.