Sophomores Take Annual Holocaust Trip

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Sophomores Take Annual Holocaust Trip

Bineta Lo, Staff

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CHS sophomores visited the Holocaust Museum in late February. 

The purpose of the museum is to know what happened. Or as Ellie Weisel, the author of Nightsaid“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”  

Students learned about the history and the horrors in a variety of different media. 

“There are a lot of different perspectives that were documented, and we got to see that through documents, pictures and videos. I would recommend that other people go because it is a great learning experience,” sophomore Ellie Cooper explained. 

Students visited because they read Night in English and study the Holocaust in World History. 

“We should never forget what happened because we don’t want history to repeat itself. When the people who experienced it are all gone if we didn’t have all those pictures and videos something worse could reoccur,” Cooper explained. 

The trip was an emotional experience. 

“After leaving the Holocaust Museum I felt sad, angry, and confusedI had just spent hours walking through halls depicting images and videos of the murders of innocent people,” sophomore Chloe Fitch expressed. 

Others shared her feelings. 

The relics they left behind such as the shoes and clothes were such a sight. The graphic videos made me tear up because of how the people were being dragged and ran over,” sophomore Kim Lek explained. 

Others felt that the history shared helped them to navigate the emotional side of things. 

It was really cool to see the history and what happened. I didn’t get emotional because I’m neither Jewish nor German. I did feel sympathetic for what they went through,” junior Testimony Ndaka said.