Tic-Tac-Toe, Three A-Days in a Row

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Tic-Tac-Toe, Three A-Days in a Row

Samantha Meek, Staff

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April has arrived, and students have an upcoming Spring Break from April 19 to 22but before then, the BCPS calendar will become a little unusual. County officials made the decision that the first three days in the first week of April will be all Adays, something that has never happened before. 

Due to an imbalance of A– and B-days during Quarter 3 due to many snow closings, the BCPS school calendar was adjusted to make up for lost time. 

Students will have the same classes that they love or hate for three days. Teachers will see classes back-to-back. 

Some teachers, such as special ed teacher Hannah Sommers are in favor of having multiple days in a row. 

“I’m happy because A days are less stressful since I have two planning periods instead of one, and my A days are shorter,” she explained. 

Not everyone thinks having multiple days in a row is a good idea.  

“I like my A days but, I think it`s bad and unnecessary to throw 3 Adays in a row because as a teacher you should`ve got caught up in planning your classes,” he explained. 

Students also aren’t all in favor of the change.  

 “I`m not happy about it. I dislike having three Adays. It`s messing up the schedule and the pace to get work done. I believe it`s hurting us more than benefitting us,” senior Vicah Blair said. 

Sometimes, when it comes to having a lot of work on your plate inside of school or out, it can be very stressful to some. 

“To be honest, I don`t feel like seeing a few of my teachers. I also have obligations outside of school and it`s stressful,” sophomore Olivia Daniels said.  

Some believe it might mess up what the B day teachers plan to teach in future class days. 

“My view is that why should we have them at the end of the quarter when the B day teachers need to teach us as well,” sophomore Mione DiPietro shared. 

Some may have something important, like a test or exam. 

“I don`t like them because I have a psychology exam coming upand I need all the time to study for it,” sophomore Varada Maulkhan complained.