CHS Robotics Goes to World Competition

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CHS Robotics Goes to World Competition

Katrina Bucher, Staff

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Robots are taking over! But fear not, CHS is fully prepared. A few weeks ago, the Robotics team, advised by engineering teacher Robert Oehrli, placed 2nd at the state level, qualifying the team for the “Worlds” competition in Kentucky this coming April. 

It’s been an uphill battle for the newly-formed robotics team. Co- president Adam Fu describes the grueling process of building the robot. 

“The robot we took to states was the fifth version just this season, and we started building in May of last year. Our priorities for the robot have changed a lot,” stated Fu. 

The team only consists of five people, but they work together cohesively in different roles. 

“I handle most of the building, then members Skye Jonke and Josh Noguera handle programing, Rachael Kerhman works on the aesthetics, and other members help the senior members,” explained Fu. 

This is the first time the team has qualified for Worlds, and they couldn’t be more excited. Co-president Josh Noguera details the logistics of going to Worlds, and the pristineness of the competition.  

“Worlds is the highest-level competition where only 500 teams are invited to attend from all over the world. It’s really cool to see teams from New Zealand and Japan signed up. But now we must focus on fundraising for the expenses of the trip in addition to adjusting our robot design,” stated Noguera. 

Fu hopes that this major accomplishment lights a fire for the program, because he sees the amazing potential for the team. 

“I believe that Catonsville can become a robotics powerhouse like Hereford or Calvert Hall, and I’m glad that we’ve taken the first step toward that,” reflected Fu.